Our Vision of Success
Our role helping protect a family’s wealth is a profound responsibility that we don’t take lightly. We know your wealth isn’t just a statistical figure—it represents freedoms and opportunities that you’ve created, not just for your life, but for your legacy. That’s why we keep our client pool small, ensuring we can give each of our clients the attention they deserve. Our greatest reward comes from the trusting relationships we build with our clients, and the feeling we get when we hear that we have helped make a positive difference in their lives.
With Vaughan Bevan, we'll strive to help you:

  • Become part of a handful of other high and ultra-high net worth clients
  • Receive objective, informed and strategic advice from industry specialists
  • Enjoy the insight of a hand-picked team of TD Specialists who have your best interests in mind
  • Stay informed with timely, regular updates that fit your needs
  • Benefit from an in-depth discovery of your Wealth Personality, informed by TD’s pioneering application of Behavioural Finance and Economics Theory, and enhanced by our experience, knowledge, and insight
  • Gain access to a managed account program, removing the need to personally approve every transaction