Vaughan Bevan Wealth Management Group

Vaughan Bevan Wealth Management Group

What does success mean to you?

It’s perhaps the most important question we ask our clients, and the answer is the driving force behind every good wealth strategy. That’s because excellence in wealth management is about more than investments and returns—it’s about understanding your personality, your goals and your motivations, and then crafting a personalized wealth plan that’s right for you.

As two of Victoria’s top Portfolio Managers specializing in high, and ultra-high net worth clients, we are serious about our role in helping to protect and build our client’s wealth. By offering what we believe is the best objective, dispassionate advice that is tailor-made for you, Vaughan Bevan will help you make more informed financial decisions and build toward greater success, however you define it.

In 2007, my parents sold their family business in Alberta and suddenly they had a substantial amount of money to manage and we needed some serious help from people that we could trust and work with. And, with Todd and Alan, we found such an ease and an honesty, and transparency and that's never changed in the 11 years that I have worked with them.

Kate Phoenix

Client since 2007

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Our Vision of Success

Our role helping protect a family’s wealth is a profound responsibility that we don’t take lightly. We know your wealth isn’t just a statistical figure—it represents freedoms and opportunities that you’ve created, not just for your life, but for your legacy.