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MK Total Wealth Management Group

From cottages to trusts: Different ways new capital gains rules could impact you

The federal government's proposed capital gains tax changes are top of mind for many Canadians right now. Especially if you own a cottage, investment properties, have a family trust set up, or have money in non-registered accounts. Watch to learn some ways cottage owners, including trusts, might be impacted, and strategies to manage the new rules.

Understanding You

Getting to know what truly matters to you is our top priority. By taking you through our distinct Discovery process, which utilizes principles of behavioural finance theory, we uncover the values behind your goals, identify your wealth priorities and create a wealth strategy that's as unique as you are.

As your needs evolve, so will the services and solutions we can provide. We’ll be in touch with you on an ongoing basis to provide you with advice and information relevant to your unique financial journey. And when you need advice, we’ll be there with the breadth of our expertise and the personalized attention you deserve.

Servicing Clients for 25 Years

25 years ago, Jeff MacDonald and Peter Konidis, embarked on a journey that would redefine wealth management for them. Their partnership gave birth to the MK Total Wealth Management Group with a dedicated team of ten professionals at TD Wealth Private Investment Advice.

Proudly serving the diverse wealth needs of our clients, what started as a partnership has evolved into a legacy. Our relationship has grown beyond an advisor relationship; we have become integral members of our clients' families.

Standing at the heart of our practice is the one-on-one relationship we build with each client.

We are far more than simply investment advisors.

We believe that total wealth management embraces far more than day-to-day investment advice. 

We are far more than simply investment advisors.

We believe that total wealth management embraces far more than day-to-day investment advice. 
Supported by the huge resources of TD Bank Group, we deliver a comprehensive approach to:

Wealth Protection, Tax & Insurance Strategies

Business Succession & Sale Initiatives

Estate and Trust Planning Strategies

Charitable Giving Services

Investment, Wealth & Retirement Planning Strategies

Empower Your Financial Future

Have questions about your financial future? Hear from Jeff and Peter about the Importance of a Wealth Plan, Retirement Myths, and the Importance of Updating Your Wills

The Importance of a Wealth Plan

We all have financial questions at one point or another. Are my finances in good shape?...Will I have enough money for retirement? Whatever your personal situation is, it can be important to have a plan.

Retirement Myths

Retirement plans and income sources are more complex and diverse today. Here are five traditional retirement ideas that no longer make sense and some new ways to approach them.

Updating Your Will

None of us knows how much time we have left. That's why making a plan now is so important. After all, you don't want to leave the care of your dependents, your assets and your legacy up to chance.

Potential Realized

MK Total Wealth Management Group is not just the name of our investment advisory group. It describes and defines our strategic approach to asset accumulation.

Quarterly Updates

Q2 Market Commentary: March 2024

Views on the current state of the economy, particularly south of the border are increasingly being perceived in the eye of the beholders, who are allowing their political views to cloud the ojectively quantified ones. 

Latest Wealth Insights: Q2 2024

Think kids these days are getting too much screen time? There’s another demographic struggling to put down their phones: Baby Boomers. As one 83-year-old put it: “I’m so attached to this thing. If I leave the house and forget it, I’ll go back.”