What We Do
Once the Thor Wealth Management Group understands your unique needs and goals, we leverage our broad expertise to develop your customized personal investment and wealth plan. Over time, we continually revisit those needs and goals, and as they evolve, so will our recommended strategies.

  1. Initial Discovery - Our discovery process focuses on understanding your priorities and goals in order to better support them. 
  2. Personal Wealth Strategy Meeting - Once we understand your unique situation, we can help you develop a personalized wealth plan. 
  3. Welcome to TD Wealth Private Investment Advice - Next, we put that plan into action by constructing a portfolio that complements it. This phase involves an official onboarding as well as any account transfers required to begin implementing your plan. 
  4. Meet your Team - Whenever your needs require specialized support, we will build a team of TD specialists who can help.
  5. Ongoing Proactive Service - Your Advisor will stay in touch with you, keeping you up to date on what matters to you.
  6. Regular Review Meetings - To ensure you wealth plan evolves as you do, we'll regularly review your priorities with you, helping you stay on track with your goals. 

Discretionary Investing

Through Thor Wealth Management Group, clients can access discretionary investing – an option that leaves the daily investment decision-making to us, leaving you free to focus on your other priorities. In exchange for one transparent, asset-based cost, we drive your portfolio’s long-term success, responding nimbly to sudden opportunities and risks. Our strategy is guided by your customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) based on your objectives and financial situation and setting out the asset allocation and diversification of your portfolio.

As Portfolio Managers, we have a duty to act in your best interests with care, honesty and good faith. As part of this mandate, we draw on the expertise of TD specialists, risk management specialists and research analysts. Their input helps us to not only manage your portfolio, but also to identify opportunities that lie in market shifts.  Our wealth plan is based on a foundation of 1) protecting your investment capital 2) providing tax-efficiently within the wealth plan 3) growing your capital overtime to protect the purchasing power of your principal. Ask us how you can benefit from discretionary investing today.

Benefits of Discretionary Investing

You no longer have to make daily investment decisions - you can entrust them to our team. We can manage your money for you, not just with you. 

One transparent, asset-based fee with no commision per trade lets us focus on driving your portfolio's success without worrying about the cost of trades. 

Sudden opportunities and risks can be addressed swiftly without waiting for your approval. 

Integrated Solutions

Working with a team of TD Wealth specialists are also invaluable in helping us to customize your integrated wealth strategy. We're here to help you achieve your goals - whatever they might be. As part of our offering, we are pleased to specialize in the following services:

  • A retirement plan
  • Tax mitigation strategies
  • Business succession advice
  • Private banking solutions
  • Estate and trust services
  • Customized credit
  • Asset protection strategies
  • Philanthropic planning
We believe you will find working with the Thor Wealth Management Group is a unique and rewarding experience as many of the areas high net worth individuals enjoy having us manage the aspects of their financial affairs.  Our model is similar to that of private banking: instead of trying to be just another Investment Advisor with hundreds of clients, we are a tight-knit team of highly skilled professional individuals.  We have the experience and dedication to manage and execute intelligent and strategic decisions that represent your unique sets of needs.

We would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your unique situation and provide you with a comprehensive proposal for your consideration… then you can be the judge!