Thor Wealth Management Group

Thor Wealth Management Group

Responsibility. Integrity. With a commitment to service excellence.

Thor Wealth Management Group offers a premium level of discretionary wealth management advice and service within TD Wealth Private Investment Advice.
Thor Wealth Management Group
Thor Wealth Management Group has been providing holistic wealth strategies for affluent families and individuals for over 30 years.    
Our family office approach combines disciplined wealth management with tax-planning strategies. Our multi-generational team specializes in working with high-net worth individuals & professionals, business owners, retirees, Trust and philanthropic foundations. With a unique process and the discipline to see it through, we help you, your family and your business thrive while keeping focused on your plan and your legacy for the future. Thor Wealth Management Group's unparalleled commitment to excellence, is key to helping you meet your unique goals and objectives.  

Here are a few benefits of dealing with the Thor Wealth Management Group:  
  • Sophisticated wealth planning and investment advice with insight into tax-efficient strategies
  • A disciplined approach to investing in a manner that is both conservative and straight forward
  • Our comprehensive reporting and benchmark measurement help to ensure we do our best to help you achieve your goals and objectives.
  • A team-based approach that puts you and your evolving priorities first
  • And a professional advisor that strives to give you the feeling like you’re being guided by a good friend
Client Meeting

Building Relationships for Life

From the very first meeting – and in every interaction that follows – our team focuses on providing you with the support and guidance you need and when you need it.

We start with an in-depth conversation that uncovers where you’ve been and what you’re hoping to achieve. We develop a comprehensive view of your financial situation and are better able to guide you through the investment planning process.

As a result, we believe clients often see us as an extension of their decision-making circle. Before making important life choices – from selling the family home/cottage, to updating their will, to considering retirement home options – clients regularly seek our counsel and rely on our team to help them every step of the way.

A Disciplined Approach to Investment Management

Once the Thor Wealth Management Group understands your unique needs and goals, we leverage our broad expertise to develop your customized personal investment and wealth plan. Over time, we continually revisit those needs and goals, and as they evolve, so will our recommended strategies.

All of our processes – whether investment,  portfolio reviews or follow-ups – are rigorous, structured and disciplined. We feel that our education, past experience and research, allows our team to provide unparalleled service that consistently strives to exceed our client's expectations and investment objectives.  We believe that this has earned us the trust of many successful individuals and wealthy residents of the Georgian Bay and Parry Sound regions.