A Disciplined Approach To Investment Management


We take the time to understand your needs, dreams and aspirations.


We summarize our understanding of your financial priorities and needs to make sure you're in agreement.

Determine Solutions:

Our experienced team works together to develop a personal strategy that is designed to help you meet your specific goals.

Present Solutions:

We present your strategy to you for discussion and approval.

Implement Solutions:

We work with you to put your strategy into action.

Ongoing Management and Review:

We monitor the progress of your strategy and adjust it to keep pace with any changes in your life.

Our Process

All of our processes – whether investment, review or follow-ups – are rigorous, structured and disciplined.

We typically invest for the long term, favouring a balanced approach that includes conservative, low volatility investments that have the ability to generate dividends. Such investments are like rental properties with dividends acting as the rental income. We don’t believe in quick fixes, complicated investments or active trading. Instead, we make changes only when needed. In short, we strive to win by not losing.

For discretionary managed portfolios where we act as Portfolio Managers, we are held to a higher standard to act in your best interests with care, honesty and good faith. As part of this mandate, we draw on the expertise of TD specialists, risk management specialists and research analysts. Their input helps us to not only manage your portfolio, but also to identify opportunities that lie in market shifts.

Responsible Investment

Michael has recently completed his certification as a Responsible Investment Advisor, receiving the RIAC designation. 

Responsible investment refers to the incorporation of environmental, social and governance factors (ESG Factors) in the selection and management of investments. Michael has recognized that many of our clients, are very concerned with important social and environmental issues. These issues are some of the most important drivers of change in the world today, and can have significant implications for business and investors. Some examples of key ESG issues in Responsible Investing include: Climate Change, Water Scarcity, Women in Leadership, Executive Compensation, and Community Relations. Michael, is now well positioned to address our client's concerns with these important issues, and can help investors contribute to positive social and environmental outcomes.