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Anderssen Wealth Management

"Our discovery and wealth management approach is driven by what matters most to you"


With many years of experience advising high net worth families and the strong backing of TD Bank Group, we believe our team of professionals is well positioned to become your family office.

Taking care of your wealth in an integrated, seamless and personalized manner, we provide an integrated, one-stop solution for your complex wealth needs and aim to minimize the time, effort and worry you need to devote to it.

COLLABORATION. With confidence in the credentials of our investment professionals, sophisticated TD specialists and the other third-party professionals who collaborate closely with us, most families entrust all their investable assets to us. Together, we explore each corner of their personal and professional circumstances to take their family’s full picture into account before planning investment and wealth strategies tailored to their unique needs. 

* Insurance specialists assist us with tax-efficient estate and wealth protection strategies. 

* We liaise with TD specialists – and your own trusted professionals – to ensure your estate plan, Will and Powers of Attorney are up-to-date and relevant. 

* TD specialists who are Business Succession Planners can help you prepare your company for sale or transfer, and help you divest in a manner designed to reap its maximum value. 

* Our team has a direct conduit to a dedicated TD Wealth Private Banker who can deliver customized services to qualified clients.

WELL-INFORMED CLIENTS tend to stay on track to achieve their family’s long-term objectives and goals. We send out regular bulletins on market trends and other related news.  

OUR ONE-ON-ONE RELATIONSHIPS with clients are based on trust, continuous open communication and a detailed understanding of their needs. Our relaxed approach and advice are often praised by long-time clients.

We will reach out to book meetings twice yearly, keep your financial documents and statements in your file very well organized and can liaise directly with your accountant(s) to provide all the necessary documentation at your request.

WE HELP CLIENTS TO RETIRE. Some people have planned well but may not know it; others may need to make a few tweaks to become better prepared. We consider ourselves consummate planners who can help our clients:
  • Believe that they can actually retire.
  • Visualize how retirement will look. 
  • Structure a plan that can help balance today’s lifestyle while accommodating 30+ years without a paycheque.
  • Generate tax-efficient income from their portfolio. 
  • Maximize their Tax-Free Savings Account.
  • Calculate how Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS) fit into the picture.
  • Find the most ideal retirement residence possible, if desired. 

DISCRETIONARY SERVICES. We are qualified to offer discretionary portfolio management services which can bring you many advantages:

Freedom from having to make daily investment decisions;

Nimble response – sudden opportunities and risks can be addressed quickly without waiting for your approval;

Access to premium investment vehicles that can help minimize risk and strive for consistent returns;

A customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) based on your objectives, comfort and financial situation sets the guidelines, asset allocation and diversification of your portfolio;

Extensive due diligence on investment holdings;

There is one transparent, asset-based cost:

o   This lets us focus on driving your portfolio’s success without worrying about the cost of trades.
o   It includes wealth planning, insurance solutions* and more.
o   Costs charged to non-registered investment accounts may be tax-deductible**. 

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*In collaboration with TD Specialists.
**Fees charged to non-registered investment accounts may be tax-deductible. Please consult your tax advisor to see how this relates to your personal situation.
Anderssen Wealth Management is a part of TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. which is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.

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Getting to know what truly matters to you is our top priority. Applying principles of behavioural finance allows me to dig deeper and understand your personality, your goals, your family, and your motivations.

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