Our Philosophy

We take a panoramic approach to wealth management and we don't just jam square pegs into round holes.
Instead, we craft a personalized wealth strategy that is designed to address your needs and brings clarity to your situation.  We may do over 85 things over the course of a lifetime relationship with you but everything we do, in collaboration with TD Specialists, as needed,  falls within one of the following 9 Pillars of our clients Wealth Planning Process.

Investment Management, Cash Flow Planning, Wealth Protection, Risk Management, Tax Smart Strategies, Financial Planning, Wills & Estate Planning, Philanthropy, Value Added Services

The 9 Pillars

For each of our clients, our VSI Wealth Planning Process helps puts every piece of the puzzle together as their lives unfold and their needs evolve.  Our clients can't outgrow our process, they'll grow into it as critical life events occur and their life progresses.