About Us
We are proud to do what’s right for each client and their individual scenario. We are driven by our belief in the value of full-service, integrated wealth management. Our investment policy is guided by a conservative, knowledge-based approach to help grow and protect our clients’ assets.
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Our clients

A Majority of our clients are business owners, high-net-worth professionals and their families who have busy lives and often-complex, multi-faceted wealth needs.

Other characteristics of our clients include:
  • Investable assets exceeding $5 million.
  • Value personalized wealth advice over commissions-based trading.
  • Interest in a disciplined, long-term approach.
  • Expect proactive, transparent communication and reporting that keeps them fully informed about the actions we are taking, and more importantly, about their progress toward achieving their goals.
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Our investment philosophy

We always begin with a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and goals. Our individualized strategies draw from five core value-based portfolios that are risk-balanced and prioritize long-term returns over short-term gains.

We do not offer quick fixes, complicated investments or active trading, but believe that companies with growing sales, bought at a reasonable price, can offer superior growth and protection. Our thoughtful and reasoned investment principles have produced strong long-term results for our clients while reducing their exposure to risk.

We invest our own personal wealth in The Martin Advisory Group’s five core portfolios.

Our Core Beliefs

  • We have the power to change our clients’ lives – and we take that responsibility seriously.
  • Our role is to help our clients articulate their goals, and then we strive to ensure that every action we take brings them closer to achieving those goals.
  • A successful investment strategy begins with the client, not the stock market.
  • Investment Advisors must have formal education specializing in finance, and that they must continue learning throughout their careers.
  • Complicated investment products tend to be most rewarding to their builders, not their buyers.
  • Portfolio Managers should “eat their own cooking.”
  • The greatest measure of our success is our clients’ satisfaction.