The Martin Advisory Group

The Martin Advisory Group
We are one of the largest discretionary portfolio management groups at TD Wealth Private Investment Advice in Canada, based on assets under management as of April 30, 2022. We serve business owners and affluent investors and their families since 1994. We provide comprehensive service, personal wealth advice, placing our clients and their goals at the centre of everything we do. Our long-term commitment enables our wealth services to grow and adapt with our clients, their families and their businesses as they move through the different phases of their lives.

Over the years, we've assisted many wealthy families and business owners who have entrusted their day-to-day investment decisions to us by helping them navigate their unique financial landscape. Our client-centric approach enables us to help focus on their goals by responding swiftly when opportunities and risks arise.

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At The Martin Advisory Group, we want our clients to remain clients for the rest of their lives, so all our decisions are made accordingly. Our dedicated team strives to continue to earn our clients' trust every day, with our priority always being to put the client first.


When I sold my family-owned business in 2010, I needed to invest the proceeds of the sale. I split the funds between two advisors initially, and then a year ago I transferred everything to Charles’ management. He has deep theoretical knowledge, he treats my money like it is his own, he gets sound results, but most of all he has a plan. He knows what he wants to achieve and how. But that isn’t the best thing about Charles. His best quality, in my opinion, is his integrity and his most powerful asset is his team. Isabelle, Marc, Julian and Emilie set the bar very high when it comes to client service. They go above and beyond the scope of administrative tasks to make our life easier, and they do it with a smile. They always make us feel valued.

Michel Langlois, Retired Entrepreneur

As of November 20, 2021

Charles is a forward-thinking advisor with a strong set of values. I know that he has invested his own money as he invests my retirement savings, and that matters to me. Charles works with a kind, reliable, very dedicated team that always provides great service. I also like the interface of TD’s client website, and appreciate having the option of checking in on my investments online as well.

Michael A. Brunet, Senior Counsel, Dentons

As of November 22, 2021

I felt Charles was the right guy when I met him, and he hasn’t proven me wrong. Over more than a decade together he has helped me work out a plan to shift from owning my dental practice into enjoying an active retirement with my wife. He has achieved good returns for us through all kinds of markets, has shifted our portfolio as our lives have changed, and has created income projections to carry us through our next chapter. He’s there for every stage. Charles has also become more than an advisor to us over the years – he is someone I consider a friend.

Barry Cogan, Retired Dentist

As of November 20, 2021

Charles has a consistent record in stock-picking that generates steady returns. He is a thoughtful, careful and dedicated investment advisor. And Isabelle and Marc provide consistently great service – they are thorough, helpful, and accurate in everything they do for me.

Kenneth Stodola, Retired Entrepreneur

As of January 3rd, 2022

Charles has been looking out for me and my family for 20 years now. My wife liked his approach so we decided to give him a try. I feel that his best quality is that he’s very disciplined. I’ve never lost any sleep during the tough markets over the past two decades because Charles has always had a balanced approach and portfolio and it’s done well. I have also always liked that he was backed by a professional institution like TD – I don’t want to deal with a one-man shop.

Claude Arcand, Retired Entrepreneur

As of November 20, 2021

I met Charles during a very vulnerable period in my life. I was in the process of settling a divorce and ‘starting from scratch’ in many respects – and I needed help! Charles was understanding, discreet, friendly, and went the extra mile for me by taking care of a delicate, yet critical, aspect of my life so that I could focus on myself and my children. He’s a highly intelligent, straight shooter. Charles and his team understand my life plans and they have been there to support me in every way possible, in addition to collaborating with other professionals in my support network. I also like the expertise and oversight that come with Charles’ team being part of TD – for me, that’s been important in terms of the reputation and convenience of a one-stop shop.

Maggy Z.

As of November 21st, 2021

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