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Riad Assaf

Vice PresidentPortfolio ManagerInvestment Advisor

  • CFP®
  • CIM®
  • FCSI®

Committed to understanding your needs and helping you achieve your vision of success


TD's focus on Risk Management is one of the major cornerstones to TD's investment philosophy which helped protect our clients' portfolios especially during bad markets such as the technology-bubble induced crash of 2000 and the sub-prime mortgage induced "Great Recession" of 2008. As a licensed discretionary Portfolio Manager, Riad invests for his clients directly in individual dividend growth equities and fixed income securities, with the goal of achieving the best risk-adjusted rate of return, again with Risk Management being the cornerstone of his investment philosophy.

Riad has a very defined process of managing money. In addition to adhering to a strict discipline of investing in high quality dividend growth companies, Riad also “actively” manages his clients’ portfolios to take advantage of market volatility, seasonality and market-moving events. Riad also has access to additional third party research which assists him in making informed portfolio management decisions.

Riad constantly strives to be the best at what he does. Riad is a Vice President, Portfolio Manager and Investment Advisor with TD Wealth. Riad is also a member of TD Wealth’s Executive Club. Those who know Riad know he works very hard and long hours to not only stay on top of the markets but to also anticipate industry leading trends. Riad is also proud of the fact that he was the first Investment Advisor to become licensed as a Portfolio Manager in the Edmonton office of TD Wealth, Private Investment Advice, again, driven by his need to continuously improve the service he provides to his clients.

Riad holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with Specialization in Mathematics and Finance from the University of Alberta and also has the following designations: Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), and the Fellow of Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI). In addition to these designations, Riad also has his discretionary investment management license and an options trading license.  He has also taught Investment Courses at NAIT (the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology).

Riad manages the following account types: Corporations, RRSPs/RRIFs/LIRAs/RRIFs/LRIFs/LIFs, TFSAs, RESPs, RDSPs, Company Group RRSPs, non-registered, Trusts, Municipalities, Charities, Endowments and Not-For-Profit. Although Riad's minimum account size can be high ($1Million), he is a firm believer in educating the youth, therefore his services are also extended to his clients' children and grandchildren, all under the same family pricing structure. Also, Riad will work with young professionals (doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants and business owners) who do not initially meet his minimum account size but are committed to an ongoing and aggressive investment plan. Riad is willing to set aside his high minimum account size requirement for the right client. With the right Financial Plan in place, Riad is willing to take on clients with a minimum of $300,000 of household family investable assets and enjoys seeing his clients grow their wealth and achieve their dreams of retiring very comfortably.

Riad prides himself on keeping his clients very satisfied and as a result, Riad manages investment portfolios for clients across Canada, from British Columbia to Newfoundland.  Riad grows his business mainly by referrals from satisfied clients. He can provide plenty of testimonials upon request.

Riad is also licensed for Insurance and offers life, disability and critical illness insurance through TD Wealth Insurance Services.

Riad is a firm believer in community volunteering and volunteers his time to various charities along numerous hours on the soccer field.

As a result of Riad's Portfolio Management experience in good and bad markets and extensive training and education, Riad has successfully been offering the following specialized strategies in addition to traditional portfolio management strategies:

  • Professional portfolios - compliance strategy (see "Additional Information" tab below for more information)
  • Executive stock portfolios - covered call option strategy (see "Additional Information" tab below for more information)
  • Sharia Compliant Investing (also known as Shariah Compliant Investing or Halal investing) is a subset of Socially Responsible and Ethical Investing. Investments are based on Islamic principles of the Muslim faith (see "Additional Information" tab below for more information about Sharia Compliant Investing)


First Meeting:

Riad uses a disciplined process to review all aspects of your financial picture and if requested, he can also offer his services to your extended family members and possibly leverage that to offer lower pricing for the whole family. Riad will provide you with a package that you can review on your own time to help you make your decision. You will receive a meeting review summary within a week along with a recommended strategy for each objective.

Second Meeting

If you decide to work with Riad to help you manage your family’s wealth, at the second meeting, we can review any questions you may have and at this meeting, we can also complete the paperwork.

Third Meeting

At this meeting, we will review your first statement and reconcile your statement with your previous statements to ensure your assets have been transferred over successfully. We can also review and confirm the overall strategy that we will be implementing to manage your wealth.

Ongoing Service

What clients of Riad can expect:


  • An annual face to face meeting.


  • A quarterly review package that includes a market commentary, a household portfolio summary, a transaction summary as well as a performance report so you can track your returns and progress.


  • Phone and email communication when needed.


  • Every client regardless of the size of the portfolio can benefit from 'block trading' which means Riad can buy and sell stocks for his clients at the same time and price.


  • In addition to Investment Management, Riad, in conjunction with specialists within the TD Bank Group, can advise on all aspects of a client’s finances; including but not limited to: Advanced Financial Planning, Insurance, Banking, Estate Planning, Business Succession Planning, and Education Planning.


  • A relationship built on trust and integrity. Riad’s practice is built on referrals from satisfied clients.


  • And lastly, Riad believes in being there for his clients and not just during business hours. When Riad is not in the office, his direct line as well as his direct toll free line is forwarded to his cell so his clients can reach him in an emergency, even outside of regular business hours.



Toll Free: (855) 440-6695
Fax: (780) 448-8686
Branch Office: (780) 448-8280
Branch Fax: (780) 448-8962


Bachelor of Science Specialization Degree (Mathematics and Finance) - University of Alberta

Additional Information

Professional portfolios - compliance strategy:

Some chartered accountants, lawyers and doctors that do work for large corporations may be prohibited from investing in those corporations. For example, chartered accountants who work for national accounting firms that audit publicly traded companies or doctors who participate in drug trials for pharmaceutical companies that are publicly traded. In these instances, these clients cannot invest in these companies for compliance and conflict of interest reasons. As a Portfolio Manager, Riad has the capability to manage portfolios for professionals like this while avoiding the restricted companies. Riad has a system in place that has been refined over the years to do this effectively.

Executive stock portfolios - covered call option strategy:

Some corporate executives, through their company stock, end up being over-exposed or concentrated in that one stock and/or industry. Riad has the capability to manage these executives' portfolios while avoiding additional exposure to these stocks/industries. Also, in order to manage large company positions while avoiding potentially large tax gains, Riad is able to implement option strategies to convert large stock positions to an income generating position (without having to sell the stock). It is important to note that depending on specific client constraints, these strategies may not be allowed by the client's employer.

Halal investing - sharia compliant investment strategy:

Riad was approached by Muslim professionals back in 2004 to provide this unique service. Riad provides this strategy for muslim doctors, lawyers, accountants,  business owners, and professionals who have a desire to have their money managed according to their islamic principles (halal investing).

Being able to construct a portfolio comprised of halal companies is just one step in a multi-step process. In addition to successfully structuring a compliant portfolio, an Advisor needs to be knowledgeable in this area. For instance, preferred shares which have attributes of both debt and equity, are viewed by some that they are compliant since they pay "dividends", but not all instruments that pay dividends are compliant. The fact that preferred shares obligate issuers in the event of bankruptcy to pay off preferred shareholders ahead of common shareholders resembles debt, which in itself is not compliant. Hence preferred shares are technically not compliant. It is this type of research and due diligence that Riad performs that sets him apart from other Advisors. Riad will also not invest in companies that may be considered compliant but do not meet his own strict testing.

This service is offered for retail and institutional investors.

For detailed methodology and screening criteria that companies are measured against to determine compliance (such as acceptable products, business activities, debt levels, and interest income and expenses), please see the following S&P Dow Jones Indices link:

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