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Northern Shores Wealth Management

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As your wealth grows over time, the financial questions you face can become increasingly complex. They’re personal, they’re multi-faceted and they overlap with other priorities in complicated ways.

It’s our belief that answers to such questions can come only through a comprehensive approach that extends beyond investing. Through the wisdom of extensive industry experience and an in-depth process to understand each client, We help deliver the tailored advice that successful business owners and families deserve.

Located on the shores of Kempenfelt Bay, Northern Shores Wealth Management takes a disciplined approach to help you gain confidence in your decisions and clarity as to the future of your wealth.

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With Taylor, John and Darrel as our core team of advisors, combined with their service associates, TD Specialists and external resources, our approach is to manage complexity through a highly personalized and multi-pronged approach. This includes:
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Internal and External Teams
Financial complexity is best served through a multi-faceted team. We leverage external resources and variety of TD Specialists ranging from Estate Planners and Private Trust Officers to Private and Commercial Bankers.

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Experience-Based Advice
With decades of experience behind us, we often draw from our knowledge of business and personal wealth, our exposure to corporations and how they operate, our familiarity with Canadian tax laws, and other insights from working through complex financial situations for so many years.

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Dynamic, Active Portfolio Management
We believe your investment portfolio should be designed with the care and attention to detail warranted by your complex financial priorities. For Taylor, John and Darrel, this means utilizing extensive research and actively monitoring the investments that make up your custom portfolio.

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Personalized and Detailed Planning
When managing multi-faceted – and often multi-generational – wealth priorities, we develop plans that can include strategies ranging from broad risk management tactics to itemized cash flow projections looking decades ahead.

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Ongoing Management
We work on your plan with you and we follow a disciplined process to monitor and regularly update your plan according to the events in your life. We also work with your other professional allies to help continuously develop your financial strategies.

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It’s about building on what you have without taking on excessive risk.  This is an essential goal for many of our clients.  We continuously research different wealth preservation and risk mitigation strategies to help our clients reach this goal.

We help our clients preserve and protect assets for various purposes, including:
•  Fulfilling the responsibility of sustaining family wealth from previous generations
•  Preserving family wealth for future generations or legacy initiatives
•  Ensuring your wealth lasts through retirement, while you live the lifestyle you want
•  Maintaining the income you need to fund personal or business goals

The Northern Shores team provides strategies and expertise that often include:
•  Full estate analysis that identifies tax issues, liabilities and protection gaps, with support from estate planners, insurance specialists and other TD Specialists
•  Detailed income and cash flow strategies that enable multiple family members to access funds on a tax-efficient basis
•  Insurance strategies, guaranteed income solutions and liability reviews through TD Insurance Specialists
•  Advanced tax strategies designed in collaboration with TD Specialists and external consultants
•  Disciplined risk management strategies within your custom investment portfolio

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When you’re in the middle of a transition, that’s when all the complexity of your wealth is most likely to create challenges. In addition to the expertise of the core Northern Shores team, we also sit down with a range of financial specialists and professionals in order to create a roadmap that will help guide you through transitions in your business, professional or personal life.

We help our clients navigate complex transitions that include:
•  Businesses, farms and corporations that are to be transitioned to the next generation or other stakeholders
•  Incorporated professionals who are looking to transition their practices and maintain their lifestyles in retirement
•  Individuals and families undergoing personal transitions or career changes
•  Those who have philanthropic, social responsibility and community support objectives, but are unsure of the financial and tax options available to them

The Northern Shores team designs plans and strategies for transitions, include:
•  Detailed succession plans with roadmaps, provided by TD specialists, for the transition
•  Retirement and income plans with long-term projections to help clarify how you can be supported once you retire
•  Drawing upon tax specialists to assess current and future tax liability, combined with a solid understanding of canadian tax laws as they apply to both businesses and individuals
•  Understanding the family dynamic, the people in your life who are important to you, and the charitable considerations that may play a role in building your legacy

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Time management is one of the biggest challenges our clients face. Our objective is to give each client the reassurance that our team is taking some of this burden off of their shoulders through a practiced, well-structured process to manage the complexities of their wealth.

Step 1: Understanding
Our early meetings tend to be introspective – we want you to consider your deepest priorities, and we take the time to understand your needs and aspirations.

Step 2: Confirmation
We summarize our understanding of your financial priorities to ensure you’re in agreement. Over time this profile will evolve alongside your personal and family priorities, and we’ll use it to explore ideas and strategies for your wealth.

Step 3: Determine Solutions
Our experienced team works together with TD specialists and external professionals to develop a personal strategy that is designed to help you meet your specific goals. We also involve your existing professional relationships, such as lawyers and accountants.

Step 4: Present Solutions
Our team builds and presents a full, written financial plan that incorporates your Investment Policy Statement, detailed cash flow projections, recommended strategies and an action plan for implementation.

Step 5:  Implement Solutions
We work with you to put your strategy into action. This involves communication with you, your spouse and any other family members or stakeholders you’d like to include in the process.

Step 6: Ongoing Management and Review
We manage your portfolio and financial plan actively. We discuss updates when changing circumstances create new opportunities and we host at least one in-person meeting with you per year, after which we provide a written summary to help keep everyone on the same page.

Northern Shores Wealth Management: Taylor Quinn, Vice President, Portfolio Manager, John Van Der Marel, Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Darrel Hebner, Associate Investment Advisor, Robert Scott, Client Service Associate, Debbie Glabais, Client Service Associate.
TD Specialists: Jeff Halpern, Business Succession Advisor, Wealth Advisory Services, Georgia Swan, Tax and Estate Planner, Wealth Advisory Services, Berni Butler, Estate Planning Advisor, Wealth Advisory Services. 
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Tel.: (705) 726-3605
Toll free: 1 (800) 669-7896

Northern Shores Wealth Management is a part of TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. which is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.


Toll Free: (800) 669-7896
Branch Office: (705) 726-3353
Branch Fax: (705) 726-3474

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