What We Do

Our core investment philosophy

We believe that to be successful in today's markets, you must think globally, follow a disciplined investment strategy that removes human emotion from investing, strategically allocate capital across asset classes and strategies, attempt to minimize tax whenever possible, and aggressively manage risk to help reduce drawdowns and volatility.

Areas of Specialization

Goals-Based Retirement Planning

Help plan, track & monitor your progress

Pension Model Investing

Help improve returns and manage volatility.

Tax Minimization Strategies

Help to grow and keep more of your wealth.

Portfolio Risk Management

Help protect and preserve your wealth.

Estate Planning Strategies

Help build a legacy for your loved ones.

Business Succession Strategies

Help plan and transition you to retirement.

Tax-efficient investing & wealth planning

For many of our clients, tax is their biggest annual expense. If you want to increase the rate at which your wealth compounds and have more money in retirement, you need to address the issue of tax in your wealth plan and investment portfolio.

We can advise you on various types of tax-planning strategies for individuals and corporations, such as:

  1. Accumulation strategies to help compound your wealth faster pre-retirement.
  2. Decumulation strategies to help increase your after-tax cash flow in retirement.
  3. Preservation strategies to help protect your wealth from unnecessary taxation.
  4. Distribution strategies to help transfer more of your wealth to your heirs.

"We work closely with our incorporated clients to help reduce their annual tax bill and grow their wealth more tax-efficiently."

Strength through collaboration

We believe it takes a highly qualified team of subject matter and TD specialists working together in Portfolio Management, Tax Strategies, Wealth Planning, Estate Strategies, Insurance and Business Succession Strategies to help create the optimal wealth strategy for our clients. Our team, along with our TD Wealth collaborators, bring over 100 years of unique wealth planning experience to the table for our clients.

"We believe that it takes a highly qualified team of TD specialists working together to create the optimal wealth strategy for our clients."

Personalized goals-based planning

A goals-based planning approach best captures the reality of our client’s financial picture.  Our goals-based planning process will help to identify, prioritize and future-pace your financial goals. Whether your saving for retirement, selling a business, funding retirement or building a legacy for your family, our planning process will help you to simplify, organize and stay on track to your goals. 

"Generational wealth planning is the goal for many of our clients."

Pension model investing

If our client portfolios look different from the average portfolio, it’s not by accident. Like many institutional investors, we believe a diversified, risk-conscious portfolio model offers the best balance of risk and return for most investors.

Primary benefits of a pension model portfolio
  1. The potential for better more consistent returns.
  2. The possibility of enhanced diversification.
  3. The potential for less risk and volatility.
  4. The possibility of more income and security during retirement.

Proactive risk management

We believe risk-management is critical for success and a goal for many of our clients. We work to help our clients protect themselves, their family and their wealth from a variety of different types of risk that could threaten their present and long-term goals, such as:
  • Market Risk
  • Health Risk
  • Income Risk
  • Event Risk
  • Longevity Risk
  • Tax & Policy Risk

"The optimal portfolio is not always the highest returning portfolio. It's the one that gets you to your goals, and the one you can live with in difficult markets."

Going beyond the financial picture

Getting to know what truly matters to you is our top priority. Applying principles of behavioural finance allows me to dig deeper and understand your personality, your goals, your family, and your motivations.