• As we leave 2023 behind, it is a reminder

    that things can unfold much differently

    than predicted. After a historic series

    of rate hikes, economies and markets

    have proved comparatively resilient. While markets have

    been bumpy, current valuations and

    dividend yields may offer opportunities

    worth considering as we build portfolios

    for the future.

  • With the rise in rates, more investors have

    understandably been attracted to low risk,

    fixed-income investments. Have you

    thought about the tax implications? In

    some cases, there may be opportunities to

    make investments more tax efficient, such

    as “shifting” interest-bearing instruments to

    registered plans.

  • A fair degree of uncertainty continues to cloud the markets. In times like these, it may be helpful to recall this advice: Don’t let the merits of a good investment be overridden by the macro outlook. In some cases, the outlook may not unfold as expected: for 18 months now, many economists have been calling for an “imminent” recession.

  • Following two difficult years, the need for giving continues to grow, in Canada and across the world. For those who would like to make philanthropy a part of their legacy, here are seven key considerations (and surprising tax benefits) you should be aware of.

  • Leaving a lasting legacy for your family can involve careful planning and a team of professionals. Here are five questions that can help get you started.

  • Q: My dad is in his 70s and has mentioned moving in with his new girlfriend. Should we be concerned about protecting his assets if the relationship gains common-law status?

  • Stepfamilies are common, but planning for who gets what after you die is anything but routine. When families come together, each with their own possessions, ensuring your assets go where you want is key.

  • The Private Giving Foundation was the first-of-its-kind fund in Canada. Jo-Anne Ryan, Executive Director and architect of the foundation speaks to us about the value of flexible giving and how you can make an impact with your good fortune.

  • For couples who meet later in life, retirement planning may seem a little daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. If you get started now, and ask the right questions along the way, it can even be exciting. Here are a few questions that should be top of mind.