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Wealth management that evolves as your needs, priorities and circumstances change over time



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BACKGROUND | With over 20 years' experience as a finance professional, I provide a comprehensive and disciplined approach to wealth management. As a holder of both the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) and Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) designations, my professional background provides me with a unique perspective on the industry. I deliver my clients wealth plans that are informed by in-depth knowledge of investment management, technical & financial analysis, as well as effective tax and estate planning strategies.

DISCOVERY | My commitment to you as a client is to really understand your unique needs, circumstances and long-term goals and objectives. My focus is to uncover what you value most, identify your wealth priorities and design a wealth strategy that is unique to you.









FOUR PILLARS OF WEALTH MANAGEMENT | Once I understand your goals and objectives, I will build and implement a wealth strategy that evolves with you over time. As your needs and circumstances change , so too do your wealth priorities. There may be times along your wealth journey that I can introduce you to other TD Specialists who can provide professional expertise in other key areas such as Estate Planning.

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Click on the titles below to watch more videos from Lea-Anne about wealth planning, stepping into retirement and a legacy toolkit.

Wealth Planning

We all have financial questions at one point or another. Are my finances in good shape? Will I have enough money for retirement? Whatever your personal situation is, it can be important to have a plan.

Stepping Into Retirement

For many, a happy retirement is the ultimate life goal—a time to do all the things you've always wanted. Yet, the excitement of this new chapter can bring a touch of anxiety and hesitation because, let's face it, retirement is a significant life change.

A Legacy Toolkit

Nothing gets built properly without the right tools. The same can be said for building a legacy. If you want to commit your money to the next generation after you pass away, your finances need to be managed with care and precision.

Your Goals, Our Priorities

We will work together to help you manage, grow, and protect your wealth. Our tailored services are designed to help meet your unique goals and priorities - no matter how complex they are.

We'll help you identify your priorities and create a plan to address your specific needs. We can help with:

  • Protecting your assets
  • Maximizing your charitable giving
  • Finding tax strategies and solutions
  • Arranging your estate and trust planning

Helping achieve what truly matters to you and your family.

Our wealth solutions focus on four key areas in order to ensure you receive a personalized wealth plan you can feel confident in.

Build net worth: We can help you build your net worth by developing effective strategies and investment solutions that align to your needs, even as they evolve.

Protect what matters: By leveraging the expertise of TD specialists, we can integrate strategies to help you protect what matters to you most at every life stage.

Implement tax-efficient strategies: We can work with you to help create and structure your accounts to help reduce tax exposure while keeping income available for when you need it.

Leave a legacy: Your legacy is important to us. We’ll help you create a plan that provides for your top priorities and optimizes the transfer of your wealth.

Our Discovery Process

What do you want to accomplish this year?

What are your goals

What do you value?

What will your legacy be?

What do you value?

What will your legacy be?

How do you feel about wealth?

What are your priorities

Our Services

Your goals are our priority so when you work with us, you have access to experienced professionals across all our products and services. Whether you need answers about wealth strategies, retirement planning or transfer of wealth, we're here to help.

What We Do

What to expect when working with us

Initial Discovery

Our in-depth discovery process focuses on understanding your priorities and goals in order to better support them.

Seamless Onboarding

We will help you transfer funds and structure your investment portfolio through step-by-step onboarding.

Proactive Reviews

Get curated insights, timely updates, and regular reviews of progress towards your goals and adjust as your needs evolve.

Tailored Solutions

Our solutions can help people meet their unique needs and make them feel more confident in their financial future.

Your unique goals

You've worked hard to get where you are today. Now's the time to maintain, grow, and protect your net worth. Get tailored advice, solutions, and strategies that can help achieve your goals.

Market Commentary

Build your understanding of investment concepts and stay current with ongoing market trends. Choose from a variety of helpful daily, monthly, and quarterly newsletters and resources.


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