Our Approach

We begin with understanding you

We take the time to understand your needs, dreams and aspirations.

We summarize our understanding of your financial priorities and needs to make sure you're in agreement.

Determine Solutions
Our experienced team works together to develop a personal strategy that is designed to help you meet your specific goals.

Present Solutions
We present your strategy to you for discussion and approval.

Implement Solutions
We work with you to put your strategy into action.

Ongoing Management and Review
We monitor the progress of your strategy and adjust it to keep pace with any changes in your life.

At Larente Baksh and Associates, we offer Discretionary Portfolio Management.

Benefits of Discretionary Investing

  • You no longer have to make daily investment decisions - you can entrust them to our team. We can manage your money for you, not just with you.
  • One transparent, asset-based fee with no commission per trade lets us focus on driving your portfolio's success without worrying about the cost of trades.
  • Sudden opportunities and risks can be addressed swiftly without waiting for your approval.