Our Approach

The Big Idea

Portfolio management begins and ends with a well-defined investment philosophy, a determined portfolio construction process and a robust commitment to risk management.

Global pension and endowments have been rapidly shifting their investment strategy away from a traditional 60/40 approach to broad asset allocation and/or a risk-based allocation.

Risk factor management is critical: minimize unintended and unrewarded exposure while building portfolios based on outcomes over benchmarks.

Portfolio Advice and Investment Research is here to help you build your models and scale your business for growth.

I believe having an Investment and Wealth Planning Policy Statement is the most critical action an individual investor can make with regards to their investment, income and tax planning. Every investor benefits from completing this policy statement as it outlines the ground rules of the relationship between them and their advisor. Specifically it should address and detail the following:

     1. Outline of current financial situation and net worth statement
     2. Identify your investment objectives and constraints
     3. Define Income Planning
     4. Define Goal(s)-Based Planning. Specifically your goal is treated as a liability that needs to
         be met
     5. Define Risk-Based Asset Allocation
     6. Determine an appropriate risk allocation mix that is consistent with these investment
         objectives and constraints that meet your goal based return objectives
     7. Clarify all fees and costs
     8. Establish an appropriate reporting and review process

One of the most important functions I facilitate is helping the families and corporations I work with write and implement their policy plan.

Risk Factors