Our Process

Comprehensive, integrated wealth planning. It's more than what we do. It's who we are.

We will help you articulate where you want to go and plot the strategy to guide you there. 


We get to know you, your family and your business so we won’t be shy about having difficult conversations that move you forward.

A deep dive into your life, company, wealth structure, and attitudes toward risk helps us to understand you well. We have the tough discussions that address your vulnerabilities – without judgement. TD behavioural finance tools help us understand your wealth personality and identify financial blind spots.


We will advise you on our integrated strategy and collaborate with you on our plan to bring it to life.

Every recommendation, strategy and action we offer will be based upon your priorities. We will address your needs with integrated strategies to address everything from short-term cash flow needs, tax considerations, insurance strategies and retirement plans to long-standing generational and philanthropic wishes.

We will ask ourselves – and you – to think very clearly and fearlessly about what is important to you and your business. Not just big, lofty goals, but also small day-to-day needs.


You dream the destination. We’ll build a roadmap to lead you through all eventualities so that you can lead your life and business confidently.

We work with both spouses on a family-oriented wealth plan aligned with your needs. First, we address your prime concerns.

Following a disciplined process, and drawing upon outsourced expertise as necessary, we deliver uncompromising portfolio recommendations, consistent problem-solving and exceptionally precise execution and follow-up. We will validate your ideas and execute on them.

Drawing from the best TD has to offer and other world-class resources, we perform significant due diligence to source the best-in-class research and money managers. We diversify your assets across all classes and meticulously monitor your portfolio to guard against undue risks.

You’ll see our value most clearly during market downturns, because we design portfolios that aim to protect your interests in all environments.


We are not afraid to push the envelope or break with convention.

Without bias to any product or platform, we are free to seek out the most appropriate investment vehicles for you. Deeply embedded in our entrepreneurial DNA is the impulse to scour for innovative, value-add ideas.


We revisit your plans and concerns over time through ongoing conversations.

We believe you will find that our follow-up is as precise as our execution. We will regularly monitor your portfolio returns with a keen eye on your long-term picture, ensure you are progressing toward your objectives. As well, we will act as your conduit to many valuable additional services and resources through TD Bank Group.

Ongoing accountability and transparency – on our part and yours – are essential to building a healthy working relationship.


We hope to advise your next generation.

One of the greatest joys of having wealth is knowing that your assets can last to benefit your children and their children’s children.

We have team members at all ages to ensure the longevity and continuity of our services. To assure our clients that we will be here to extend our unique brand of integrated, disciplined wealth advisory services, we educate and mentor our younger advisors and introduce your younger generation into the wealth conversation.