Guild Wealth Advisory Group

Guild Wealth Advisory Group
Guild Wealth Advisory Group

Shared Interest in a Common Goal

When you’re busy, you want to have certainty that those managing your wealth are working towards the same goals you are.

We designed our practice to deliver unbiased advice focused on your goals, combined with the vast resources at TD Wealth. We believe that this is the depth of service needed to manage a complex financial situation.

As a result, you receive a highly personalized investment experience, while having access to the expertise of TD Specialists like business succession professionals and estate planners.

“With the CIM® (Chartered Investment Manager) designation, what you get is more than due diligence; it’s a personal commitment to advise clients according to their best interest.”

Daniel Correia, CIM®, FCSI®

Investment Advisor, Certified Retirement Specialist

Planning with a Purpose

Your wealth is complex, and we believe that it's essential to have clarity around the steps being taken to meet your goals.

We work to ensure that each of the components of your investment portfolio, your retirement plan and wealth strategies, has a clearly defined purpose with respect to your goals.

“I would gladly recommend Daniel’s services to anyone looking for advice. He continuously strives to meet my personal needs, and has implemented effective ways to grow and protect my assets for retirement.”

Dr. Danny Enepekides, Chief of Surgical Oncology and Otolaryngology

Client since 2010

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Who Benefits from a Comprehensive Approach?

As your investment advisor, we want you to call us when you are looking to buy a new car, when your son or daughter is getting married, when you have an opportunity to expand your business, or when you’re facing any life event. Because we are so tuned in to your current wealth strategies, we can help you make day-to-day decisions that can keep you on track to longer-term goals.

The Guild Wealth Approach

Success is an ongoing pursuit. Staying on track and maintaining financial stability both require perpetual commitment to a range of financial initiatives. Our client process is about serving as a personal confidant for all things financial, with vast resources and a team of TD specialists dedicated to the goals you have for your wealth.

Your unique goals

You've worked hard to get where you are today. Now's the time to maintain, grow, and protect your net worth. Get tailored advice, solutions, and strategies that can help achieve your goals.