Wealth for Women

The Fry Ormerod Wealth Advisory Group works with a solid and expanding percentage of high net worth women, including professionals, executives, and business owners.

Women have long been relegated to the sidelines of the financial services sector, where advisers have traditionally focused on men and their money. Now the tables are turning and wealth managers face an unprecedented transformation as more women outlive their spouses, hold an increasing share of jobs and take greater control over family finances.

Women in Leadership

Louise Fry leads our practice in this area. It aligns with several initiatives with which she is currently involved, both within TD Bank Group and personally.

Louise is a committee member for Women Advisory Council and Women of Wealth (WOW+). These are both TD Bank Group supported initiatives focused on the recruitment and development of top female talent. Louise also volunteers as a mentor with the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs.

If you'd like to explore a relationship with Louise and our team, please reach out.

The growing economic power of women


Women represent 56% of Canadians with bachelor's degree, 51% with a master’s degrees, and 38% with a doctorate.

Earning Power

31% of Canadian women are the primary earners in their households—a number that is expected to grow.


By 2026, Canadian women are expected to control $3.3 trillion in financial assets.

Women and Investing

Women and investing wealth is about much more than just numbers and figures. It’s about having the power to do what’s right for you and your family, the freedom to fulfill your dreams, the flexibility to invest in your business and the assurance that you’re prepared for life’s ups and downs. Our aim is to protect and grow your wealth and help you make informed decisions throughout your life.