High rates and alternative investments: Finding opportunities in a challenging environment

Aggressive rate hikes by the U.S. Federal Reserve have been felt across all asset classes, including alternative investments. Jeff Tripp, Head of Alternative Investments at TD Asset Management, speaks with Kim Parlee about the impact and potential opportunities in a high-rate environment.

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What tightening financial conditions mean for the global economy

Tightening financial conditions are raising concerns about the health of the economy, and the ability of central banks to rein in inflation in a controlled manner. Greg Bonnell speaks with Brad Simpson, Chief Wealth Strategist at TD Wealth, about the state of the global economy.

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When to update your estate plan: 5 key life moments

So you’ve set up your estate plan. That’s great! But that doesn’t mean your job is done. It’s important to regularly review your documents and keep them up to date. Forgetting to do so could create challenges down the road. Anthony Okolie speaks with Treva Newton, Tax and Estate Planner, TD Wealth, about occasions when you should be updating your estate plan.

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Small business, big life: strategies for better balance

Building a business, raising a family and saving for retirement can be a lot to manage all at once. Pierre Letourneau, Business Succession Advisor, TD Wealth, speaks with Anthony Okolie about some of the things business owners might want to consider as they try to balance it all.

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Stepping into retirement: Preparing for the big transition

For many people, a happy retirement where you’re able to do the things you want to do is the ultimate life goal. But the transition from a successful career to this stage in life isn’t always easy. Dr. Saunia Ahmad, Clinical Psychologist, Toronto Psychology Clinic and Georgia Swan, Tax and Estate Planner, TD Wealth, join Kim Parlee to talk about ways you can prepare both emotionally and financially.

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As housing costs continue to increase, many families are considering the benefits of renovating their homes to accommodate multiple generations under one roof. Mindi Banach, Tax and Estate Planner, TD Wealth, joins Anthony Okolie to offer some tax strategies to consider and explain why it may make sense to spread the renos over several tax years.

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Recent regulatory changes could impact the tax filings of some Canadians. Nicole Ewing, Director of Tax and Estate Planning at TD Wealth, discusses some of the new rules and their potential impact with MoneyTalk’s Greg Bonnell.

*On Oct. 31, the Government of Canada announced that owners affected by the Underused Housing Tax will have until April 30, 2024 to file their returns for the 2022 calendar year without being charged penalties or interest.

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