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Ann E. Martin

Senior Portfolio ManagerSenior Investment Advisor

  • CFA®
  • HBA

Working together to help you achieve what truly matters to you

Inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s words, “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life,” I have devoted my career to helping Oakville investors to manage their wealth well so they can fully achieve what they want out of life.

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Drawing on over 30 years’ experience, I am a conservative Portfolio Manager who uses modern techniques and tools. My tailored portfolios can help protect capital investments while generating current income and long-term growth in a tax efficient format. Portfolios are managed proactively to anticipate market changes.

To help address our clients’ life events, my team and I work closely with TD specialists as needed to provide retirement planning, intergenerational family wealth management, business succession planning, and tax and estate planning. In unpredictable markets, we are available to provide perspective and guidance, market updates, and investment research to help answer your questions and create a path forward.

Hallmarks of our approach

My team operates like a family office

We work with families over long time periods and feel privileged to be included in their lives. This also helps us manage their portfolios in more meaning way. My team and I strive to make money matters easy by keeping everything well organized, helping you withdraw money when it’s needed, filling in forms, preparing robust retirement plans and designing income-generating portfolios designed to provide steady income for your expected lifespan.


We operate with sincerity and care

Whether managing wealth for high-net-worth families, individuals, tax and legal professionals, medium to large-sized businesses, holding companies or foundations, I advise people as carefully as if they were members of our own family.


I am an intergenerational wealth manager

I enjoy the opportunity to share good wealth stewardship with all members of a family and act as mediators with discretion and confidentiality when difficult dynamics arise. It is a privilege to meet with our clients’ sons, daughters and grandchildren and to give them the confidence that the finances will flow smoothly when their parents pass away. When helping clients plan to fund their children’s or grandchildren’s education, I build goal oriented, custom strategies that account for specific goals.


I am the calm voice of reason

Clients have told me that they pay me to worry. Part of the value I bring is keeping emotions out of the wealth process and conversations.


I am a proactive planner

I do not wait until someone is in a major life transition; I like to start preparing five years before a milestone event


We maintain high ethical standards

Straightforward and unapologetically honest, my team and I have our clients’ best interests at heart. We believe they must know it, because most of our business comes from client referrals.


We keep our clients educated

Clients let me talk about investing because I get so enthusiastic about it! Some clients become interested in the details because I find it fascinating. I broaden my clients’ financial understanding at a level that’s relevant to each of them and ensure they are aware of the high-level trends going on in the world. My mother was an English and Mathematics teacher, so explaining clearly is an important part of me and of my value offering.

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Effective asset management

 I am a conservative investor, so I build safety nets into everything and make planning a priority. With experience and integrity, I provide:

Income-driven portfolios. Whether you actually need income in the short term or not, I believe in the value of income-generating portfolios. If income distributions are not required immediately, we reinvest them. I adopt new products, ideas, and innovations slowly and with discernment to add progressive elements to your portfolio.

Income-driven portfolios.png

Contingent immunization. I focus on immunizing your portfolio from market fluctuations, and working with you to determine how much income you will need and aim to deliver it through high-quality dividend-paying investments.  Matching your income with your expenses through effective portfolio design can help you achieve your goals and also increase your comfort with volatile markets.  Your statement will go up and down over the long term; this shouldn’t mean you can’t take a vacation as planned.  

Risk minimization. One definition of risk is not being able to do the things you want to do, when you want to do them. Another  form of risk is the permanent impairment of capital. My challenge is helping clients to articulate what they want to do and structuring a portfolio to enable them to achieve those goals.  To help manage risk, I recommend specialized products such as structured notes to give my clients an extra level of protection against potential downturns (with no guarantees), but also attractive current income.  Not all advisors offer specialized products because they are complicated – it takes considerable analysis to find appropriate alternatives and to use them effectively.
Experience and training as a Chartered Financial Analyst® Charterholder (CFA® Charterholder). I select investments directly from many sources and rely on TD and other top money managers for more specialization and  better access to timely information. As someone who actually lived through 1987 and didn’t just read the history book, I draw upon my 30 years of experience, and tenure as a CFA® since 1991, to find astute ways to invest both your short- and long-term capital.

Tax-effective investing. This is a matter of placing your various investments in the appropriate tax situation to ensure you are paying no more than your required amount of tax. Using as many tax savings strategies as available within the context of a comprehensive plan can save significant tax costs.  This can allow your portfolio to raise your returns or lower your risk, in a balance that suits your investment personality.

Insight into your wealth values and personality. Our team personalizes our financial strategies to provide relevant, customized advice and help you achieve your goals and dreams. We will work with you to discover, define and prioritize your values and expectations, and stay in tune with your needs to help ensure that you are on track to achieve the future that you envision for yourself.

Comprehensive wealth planning. I will work with you to develop a responsive plan to address your life events. With over 30 years of experience combined with the expertise of TD specialists as needed, I can provide you with a wide range of services, including:
Comprehensive wealth planning.png

Discretionary Investing. This is a service that can be chosen to allow you to be involved with the overall strategy and goals, while leaving the daily investment and administrative decisions to our team.  A written Investment Policy Statement is crafted to articulate your situation, goals and any restrictions. This can be useful if you do not have time, interest or expertise to fully participate in investment decision making.


Fax: (905) 331-7523
Branch Office: (905) 331-7511
Branch Fax: (905) 331-7523




Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario


Port Credit Yacht Club, Football Mom, Ontario Racquet Club (ORC)

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