Wells on Wealth Group

Wells on Wealth Group

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Our 5 Must Knows of Understanding Your Investments

The Wells on Wealth Group believes having a transparent and focused approach toward your investments is essential. Our 5 MUST KNOWS of understanding will empower you as a client:
  1. You must know what you own and have title to it.
  2. You must know what your risk level is and how to measure it.
  3. You must know your total costs and how to calculate them.
  4. You must know your performance relative to your risk.
  5. You must know your financial goals as they evolve over time.

Our Approach

Our investment philosophy is called Stripped Back Investing, which involves buying traditional stocks and bonds of large, well-known North American companies. We avoid using ETF's and mutual funds whenever possible and we limit ourselves to between 15 and 20 Canadian equities and 15 to 20 US equities. Our portfolio construction involves four basic components: Canadian Equity, US Equity, Canadian Fixed Income, and US Fixed Income. Each individual account is a combination of these four basic components.
Helping you achieve your vision of success

We own what you own, we are in this together. Your accounts will never be forgotten, you will never be segmented, because we are all equal.