The VIP Group Wealth Management

The VIP Group Wealth Management

The VIP Group Wealth Management

At The VIP Group Wealth Management, we create dynamic wealth strategies customized for every client. By getting to know you and your journey, we are able to help you crystallize your goals and then plot the course to help you achieve them.

Relationships built on trust and accountability

Our approach to wealth management is focused on long-term relationships and how our strategies look ten, twenty, thirty years down the road. We believe our clients benefit from the consistency this longevity provides. We’re here to take care of your financial life — by collaborating with TD specialists, we can help you with many things from tax strategies to estate planning strategies, from investments to retirement income.

The solutions you need, when you need them

Working with a team of TD Specialists, we help you navigate the full wealth cycle – from growing and preserving your wealth for retirement to transitioning assets to the next generation.

We offer the following suite of services:
  • Retirement planning and income solutions
  • Guidance for charitable giving & philanthropic efforts
  • Private banking and credit management
  • Tax optimization advice
  • Estate planning and tax-efficient wealth transfer
  • Business succession planning and strategies
  • Customized investment management
  • Cash-flow management
  • Effective planning for education savings
  • Insurance review and advice

*Some of the services above are provided in collaboration with TD Specialists. 

How we work together

Your needs differ from all others. This is why we use a proven, step-by-step process to help us get to know you. We believe that strong relationships are built on communication and unity of purpose.

1 - Discovery

Discovery is more than your financial situation. It's about understanding your values and what you expect from our relationship. 

2 - Planning

We crystalize your short- and long-term goals and establish your personalized wealth strategy - a comprehensive wealth plan or an à la carte approach that incorporates only the elements you require. 

3 - Implementation

We methodically execute on every element of your plan, including your personal asset allocation strategy and the other services you require. 

4 - Monitoring

Portfolio and strategy reviews are a vital part of our process. Regular communication helps us to evaluate how your plan is progressing and if changes are appropriate. 

Experience you can count on

No matter how complex your situation is, we are committed to helping you every step of the way. Our long-term approach is guided by one key theme: helping you achieve your financial goals.