The Nelson Group

The Nelson Group

Sound investment advice built to help wealth all market conditions

Entrepreneurial Wealth Strategies

We assist professional athletes and their managers, entrepreneurial business owners and families with significant wealth and complex needs by providing strategies that surpass the scope of traditional investment services.
Advising individuals and families with investable assets in excess of $10 million, we offer discretionary and non-discretionary investment management and collaborate with TD specialists as needed to deliver tax strategies and wealth planning services.

Our Proven Process

  1. Holistic asset assessment – We meet to understand each asset you own, both within and outside of your business operations, to determine your holistic risk level.
  2. Risk priority analysis – We identify how your assets are correlated and the risks associated to build your entrepreneurial wealth strategy.
  3. Design investment portfolio – When considering steps one and two, we build an investment portfolio customized to complement your wealth plan. We methodically work to mitigate risk and reduce volatility by combining uncorrelated strategies (alternative investments, authentic hedge funds, structured notes, options, special situation and long/short strategies, as well as exclusive products).


We take the time to understand your needs, dreams and aspirations.


We summarize our understanding of your financial priorities to make sure you're in agreement.

Determine Solutions

Our team works together to develop a personal strategy that is designed to help you meet your goals.

Present Solutions

We present your strategy to you for discussion and approval.

Implement Solutions

We work with you to put your strategy into action.

Ongoing Management and Review

We monitor the progress of your strategy and adjust it to keep pace with any changes in your life.

Our Portfolios

Our Risk Priority Portfolios

• A proprietary, flexible portfolio construction and management platform.
• Comprise many of the best practices from pensions, endowments and family offices.
• Supported by institutional risk management and diverse thought leadership from TD Wealth and external wealth management teams.
• Designed to enhance asset allocation to diversify risk factors by strategically combining investments and managers; for example, traditional and alternative solutions, to help reduce risk.
• Aim for above-average, risk-adjusted returns through enhanced asset allocation and a broad selection of mandates.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

• Frees you from making investment decisions and enables us to respond nimbly to sudden opportunities and risks.
• A customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) sets the guidelines, asset allocation and diversification of your portfolio.
• You pay one transparent, asset-based fee, and no commissions per trade.
o This allows us to focus on driving your portfolio’s success without worrying about the cost of trades.
o Our single fee, calculated as a percentage of your assets, includes investment management as well as access to specialized Wealth Advisory Services such as estate and insurance planning.
o Fees charged to non-registered investment accounts may be tax-deductible. Please consult your tax advisor to see how this relates to your personal situation.