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The Napper Wealth Management Group

Wealth management that evolves as your needs, priorities and circumstances change over time

Welcome to The Napper Wealth Management Group, a place to give you trusted advice.


Our Wealth Management Process


Our approach to creating your investment and wealth plan begins a discovery discussion to get an understanding of what truly matters to you – discovering your values, priorities and goals.

Whether you are just beginning to put together an investment portfolio, want to build on your existing assets or have a unique and complex financial situation, our approach starts with discovering your needs.

We go through a discovery process to learn about your investor personality tendencies and traits. While similar to a Myers-Briggs Personality Type Test, our discovery tool will show where you may have strengths, weaknesses, or blind spots when it comes to investing. When aware of this information, we are able to use it to help create an investment and wealth plan for you.

The discovery tool will help determine what is important to each decision maker of the family, whether it be retirement planning, charitable giving, health concerns, or leaving a legacy behind. This allows us to create a plan of attack on what is a priority today, and what we should look at doing next.


Once we have discovered what matters to you and your family, we are able to begin the next step of creating a custom tailored investment portfolio in order to help you achieve those goals. Similar to implementing an investment plan for a pension or foundation, we create an investment policy statement that will give both advisor and client an understanding of how the capital will be managed based on investment objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance. We determine types of investments we will hold, and how to run the portfolio based on our conversations.

In an investment solution, we will bring forward what we believe to be the best options based on your goals, preferences, and investor personality. Depending on how you want to be involved on the investment management, our custom tailored investment solutions may be made up by one, or a combination of methods.

In a more hands-on approach, clients may be as involved as they wish in the ongoing security selection and management. In a more hands-off approach, based on discussed parameters, we set up a discretionary portfolio where the client does not have to be involved in the ongoing individual security selections. Regardless of how we create the portfolio, it is set up to your comfort level and we continue to provide you updates, and timely advice based on current market conditions.

Wealth Planning

Similar to taking a road trip to a specific destination, it is much more helpful to have a roadmap or even someone with experience who has seen the journey before to show you some of the secret spots along the way, and make sure you get there on time. In our profession of being the tour guide, it is our job to help you safely get to your goals, and provide you with advice on aspects you may not have thought about, or even been aware of. We create a written plan specific to your family's details. In this comprehensive plan, we gather your information on pensions, government benefits, investment accounts, businesses, real estate, trusts, inheritances, holding companies, operating companies, etc. Based on inflation and expected rates of return specific to your investment plan, we are able to show you what your wealth may look like over time. From there, we advise on how you can make the most of your capital by looking at strategies to efficiently help you meet your goals. Which account should we take money from during retirement? In which accounts should I hold specific investments? How do I pass money to charity or the next generation? How do we keep as much of our hard earned money within the family and pay less tax? All questions we are there to provide answers.

TD Specialists

We help to facilitate the engagement of TD Specialists with your team of specialists.

TD Specialists can provide clients with expertise in different areas, including estate planning, business succession planning, custom credit strategies, and philanthropy.

High Net Worth Planner work with high net worth families in creating customized solutions for complex situations. How do I transition my business or estate to the next generation? When is it best to use trusts or holding companies?

Estate Planning Advisor helps provide solutions through the strategic use of life, disability, living benefits, and annuity products that can also help you preserve your wealth, sustain your business, and minimize tax obligations.

Ongoing Review

Putting your vision of success at the center of how we work together. Our holistic wealth approach doesn’t end once we set it up. To help ensure a plan is successful, we continue to monitor and review, to help make sure we are on track to achieve your goals.

As you progress through life’s stages, your goals can change and your needs may broaden.  We will be with you, to provide the support you need and help you plan for your future, connecting you with specialists who can tailor solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Throughout the year, we proactively keep track of administrative opportunities like TFSA/RSP contributions, retirement payments, and tax loss harvesting. We do an annual review of risk tolerance, time horizon, and investment objectives, and make sure your investments are still suitable for those needs.

With a deep understanding of your priorities, we can build a strategy rooted in your goals. But we don’t do this only once. It happens each time we connect, to help us to stay in tune with your needs and the needs of those you care about.

Think of us as your family's personal Chief Financial Officer.




The Napper Wealth Management Group is a part of TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. which is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.



Toll Free: 1(855) 446-5551
Fax: (204) 988-2757
Branch Office: (204) 988-2748
Branch Fax: (204) 988-2757

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