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The Charter Group

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The Charter Group's October 2023 Monthly Letter: Volatility & Vigilantes
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The Charter Group

Our convictions have been shaped by more than a quarter century of experience. We commit our own savings to our model portfolios which are managed in Langley entirely by us. Clients in those portfolios don't own a single investment that we don't own ourselves. An all-inclusive transparent fee, calculated as a percentage of invested assets, further aligns our interests with clients.

Business-Owner Clients

Our passion for connecting people together throughout the Fraser Valley over the last few decades has produced a proprietary network of business-owners and professionals in accounting, law, and mergers & acquisitions. These vital contacts have helped to facilitate numerous successful ownership transitions for our business-owner clients.

Healthcare Professional Clients

The duty owed to patients, staff, colleagues, and family can exact an exceptionally high cost in terms of stress and time upon healthcare professionals. We strive to establish the trust needed to delegate wealth management concerns so that healthcare professionals can focus on their expertise and other priorities. Key to this are our obligations as members of recognized financial professional organizations.

Generational Family Clients

Expanding wealth allows for opportunities to provide for future generations in a family. However, there is the potential for these opportunities to quickly evolve into challenges. A collision between emotions and finances can create complications that require skills and solutions involving accounting, tax, legal structures, insurance, estate strategies, and wealth planning. Our focus involves introducing and then collaborating with talented professionals at TD and clients' other advisors who will work with the family for decades and across generations.

The Charter Group Monthly Letters (2-Year Archive)

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December 2021: Omicron Oscillation
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October 2021: Seasonal Market Disorder

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The Charter Group is a part of TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. which is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.


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