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The Charter Group

"Sound investment advice built to help weather all market conditions"

The Charter Group's April 2019 Monthly Letter
"A Tale of Two Cities"

The Charter Group

The Charter Group is a part of TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. which is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank. More than a quarter of a century of investment industry experience each has shaped our convictions with respect to Investment Management and overall Wealth Management. We manage our model portfolios entirely in-house and enhance the level of accountability by co-investing our own capital in those models. Clients in our model portfolios do not own a single investment that we don't own ourselves. Plus, the all-inclusive fee that is calculated as a percentage of assets under management aligns our interests with those of our clients.

A unique value proposition to Business Owners:

Our platform and service offering addresses the needs and scale that generally characterize high net worth individuals. However, our specific focus on connecting people together throughout the Fraser Valley over the last few decades has also produced an expansive network of business owners and professionals in accounting, law, and mergers & acquisitions. For business owners who are contemplating the future of their equity stake, and are dealing with the emotions involved with this type of decision, we offer them the ability to confidentially take advantage of our local knowledge of hundreds of key contacts that may someday represent the ideal professionals, or even potential buyers, required to achieve an optimal restructuring or transaction.

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Investment Solutions that are managed exclusively by us in Langley combined with Wealth Solutions that draw upon the strength and resources of TD Wealth help guide our clients all the way along the journey from discovering their goals to achieving their goals.

The Charter Group Monthly Letters (2-Year Archive)

March 2019: "The Investment Advantage of Time"
February 2019: "Canada's China Syndrome"

January 2019: "Better Years after Bad Years? Well, Statistically"
December 2018: "Alberta's Oilapocalypse"

November 2018: "Autumnal Accidents"

October 2018: "Everybody ♪ must ♪ get ♪ stoned ♪ "

September 2018: "Talking Turkey"

August 2018: "Fun with Investment Maxims"

July 2018: "Winners & Losers in the Interest Rate War"

June 2018: "The Middling Kingdom"
May 2018: "Pipeline Power Play"

April 2018: "Trumpian Trade Tiffs & Tariffs"
March 2018: "A South African Lesson for the Loonie"
February 2018: "Cars, Cryptos, Cannabis & The On-going Need for Capital"
January 2018: "Breaking News"
December 2017: "Bitcoin-Blockchain-Bitcoin-Blockchain"
November 2017: "Who Is Going To Buy Trump's Bonds?"
October 2017: "Bitcoin: A Solution in Search of a Problem"
September 2017: "Discoveries Revealed During Disruptions"
August 2017: "Leaping Loonie"
July 2017: "The Charter Group's Brexit"
June 2017: "B.C. Battle Royale"
May 2017: "Canadian Real Estate: The Great Attractor of Capital"
April 2017: "The Artificially Intelligent Federal Budget"

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