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The Ballendine Thakkar Group

Working together to help you achieve what truly matters to you

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Comprehensive service, integrated wealth management

Our success has been based on listening carefully to our clients to understand their needs and objectives. Over the years, we’ve found that most investors are more concerned with what their wealth will provide rather than with their individual security selection. Whether it is pursuing financial independence, a hobby, traveling the world or leaving a legacy for your children – we want to know what is important to you. We are committed to helping you to fulfill your vision.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, simplified financial solutions
, understanding that the investment industry is becoming more complex with many new and innovative products. By continually studying the financial markets and staying on the forefront of industry changes, we remain well-informed and able to simplify the investment landscape for you.

Together with a team of TD Specialists, we build total wealth strategies to help achieve your financial goals. Worthwhile goals take time and planning. We can help you analyze your current financial situation and create a consolidated, cohesive financial strategy. Over time, we will work with you to implement strategies to take care of your investments, income and asset protection, will and estate planning, and banking and borrowing needs.

To help you stay on track, we regularly review the progress you are making towards your goals and make any adjustments required to your overall plan. Our primary goal is to help you achieve financial security and build your wealth. In selecting investments, we continually assess the risk/reward trade-off when evaluating various alternatives.
We believe in a conservative style of portfolio management, striving for consistent returns rather than exposing you to unnecessary risk. We have access to a universe of financial products, allowing us to create individualized portfolios for even the most unique portfolio requirements.

Our Proven Process

  • We take the opportunity to listen and understand:
    • The life you envision,
    • The details of your circumstances, including family dynamics, and  
    • Your needs, goals and financial situation.
  • We create a strategic investment and wealth plan and help to keep you on track. It may involve: 
    • Portfolio design and execution,
    • Strategies to help meet your rate of return requirements,
    • Parameters to honour your risk tolerance, 
    • Asset allocation, 
    • Respected U.S. and Canadian research, and
    • Information, education and ongoing advice. 
  • We document and present our recommended solutions.
  • With your approval, we implement your personalized strategies.
  • We monitor and refine your strategy and rebalance your portfolio as your circumstances or the markets evolve.
  • We conduct a formal review annually and update you throughout the year

Integrated Wealth Planning

 With the assistance of other TD Specialists, we will supervise and endeavour to simplify various aspects of your financial affairs:
  • Strategic wealth plan
    • Multi-generational planning 
  • Retirement planning 
    • Individual pension plans and RSP/RIF planning  
    • Retirement compensation arrangements 
    • Establishing time horizon, lifestyle goals and income sources 
  • Tax planning
    • Tax-efficient strategies, tax minimization and deferral 
    • Strategies which can assist with estate maximization 
    • Strategies which are designed to help provide tax-efficient income and growth 
  • Insurance
    • Personal and/or business 
    • Life, disability and critical illness 
  • Estate planning strategies
    • Wills, Powers of Attorney and Executor’s responsibilities 
    • Trusts 
    • Passing on assets tax-effectively 
    • Charities/planned giving  
    • Strategies to help with estate protection
    • Strategies which can assist with legacy creation 
  • Business succession planning
  • Funds to help you care for an aging parent or trusts for a dependent child
  • Private banking, credit and lending services 
    • Borrowing to invest 
    • Mortgages and lines of credit 
    • Commercial lending packages and banking services 

Our Values:

  • Meeting our clients’ needs is our number one priority. We do this by listening attentively, establishing realistic goals and striving to keep our promises.
  • We have an unwavering commitment to the highest level of ethics, professionalism and competence in the investment industry. We are charged with the stewardship of our clients' wealth and view that as a sacred trust.
  • Our investment management style will always be based on prudence and a respect for risk. We resolve to continually deepen our understanding of the markets, the economy and the investment industry through research and education.
  • We recognize that investing is not solely about money; but rather, it is about our clients’ dreams – their own and their dreams for their families.
  • We believe in mutual success; our team members are each a valued part of the whole team’s accomplishments.
  • We pride ourselves in working hard, but not at the expense of our families.
  • We recognize that investing is not solely about money; but rather, it is about our clients’ dreams – their own and their dreams for their families.

Our goal is to provide you with an unsurpassed level of service. Finding the solution to your financial needs is our foremost focus. We take great pride in providing quick replies to all inquiries and will strive to respond to your questions or concerns within one business day.

Ballendine Thakkar Group is a part of TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. who is a wholly-ownedsubsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank


Branch Office: (403) 299-8600
Branch Fax: (403) 299-7984

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We're redefining private wealth management.

At TD Wealth Private Wealth Management, we believe in taking the time to discover what truly matters to you.  You'll have access to a team of the most integrated specialists in the industry who will get to know what's important to you before getting to your numbers.  It's private wealth management redefined, brought to you by one of the largest private wealth service providers in Canada.


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