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Shaun Rickerby

Vice PresidentPortfolio ManagerInvestment Advisor

  • CFP®
  • CIWM
  • FCSI®

See retirement from a better perspective.


Conventional wisdom says that the more you have, the longer it’ll last – but as retirement gets closer, questions and uncertainties often pile up and your outlook can become much more complicated.

Our focus is to bring clarity to your view of retirement by providing a coherent structure for your wealth, a thorough plan for your future income needs and a regimented process for keeping everything on track. Through a team and a comprehensive approach, we help you gain a better perspective while working toward your ideal retirement.

“After 31 years of advising, instructing and communicating, my clients have come to see me as an educator. Understanding your finances is an important part of gaining perspective.”

Shaun Rickerby, CFP®, CIWM, FCSI®
Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor

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We work to bring together all the various aspects of your wealth in order to implement a cohesive wealth strategy customized to your needs and your retirement goals. 


Our comprehensive services include:
• Balancing preservation, growth and income for your retirement
• Personalized portfolio design and discretionary management
• Asset allocation strategies to help reduce volatility while increasing retirement income
• Tax-efficiency strategies and year-end tax reporting
• Implementing estate planning strategies for your estate to help ensure wealth is transferred efficiently, according to your legacy goals
• Working with TD Specialists to implement insurance, business succession and other strategies
• Updating your plan through a regimented process of communication and review

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A consistent, repeatable process is what’s needed to generate predictable results. We believe this is an essential aspect of managing wealth in retirement and in the years leading up to it, and for this reason we’ve founded our approach to portfolio management on three pillars:

Step 1: Your Financial Plan
Your financial plan establishes an understanding of where you are now, where you would like to be, and the central steps needed to get there. It lays the groundwork for your investment strategy.

Step 2: Your Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
Your IPS is the guiding document for your investment portfolio, and all decisions and recommendations related to the management of your wealth. It ensures mutual understanding and helps keep us on track to your goals.

Step 3: The Annual Review
In addition to our regular reporting and communication, we take the time to sit down with you and thoroughly review your progress over the previous year. This allows us to revise your plan and your IPS according to changes in your life and goals.

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Strive for less risk and more income.

As retirement specialists, we work to identify ways to reduce volatility in your portfolio, while optimizing the income generated, so as to help you attain the cash flow balance you need for retirement.

Get a custom portfolio.
As a Portfolio Manager, one of the industry’s highest and most strictly regulated accreditations, I have the ability to design a completely tailored portfolio according to your own unique Investment Policy Statement. Our research and due diligence helps ensure your investment strategy is fully suited to your goals.

Benefit from a 31-year perspective.
I’ve been helping clients plan for retirement for over three decades, and the variety of situations, market climates and retirement challenges that I’ve seen in that time adds an invaluable perspective to the advice our clients receive.

Work with a transparent, accountable team.
We pride ourselves on the level of transparency with which we operate. Our disciplined process and communication mandates help maintain complete accountability from our team, and we always work to remain accessible, responsive and organized.

Get the Investment Strength Report™.
This exclusive report provides a snapshot of your current investment portfolio so that you can see clearly what is working, what isn’t, and what the steps are to capture the growth opportunities that are available to you.

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As your investment portfolio becomes more complex over time, it can be difficult to see what’s really generating growth, and which aspects are ultimately working against you.


The Investment Strength Report™ is a professional review of your investments that identifies duplicated holdings, unnecessary costs and other redundancies that can limit your potential for growth.


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The Investment Strength Report™ allows you to get a better understanding of the various components of your portfolio, from asset allocation to risk exposure, so that you can see at a glance whether or not your current strategy is aligned with your financial goals.

Email your assessment request* to:
*For those with portfolio sizes of $500,000 or more.

Rickerby Wealth Group is a part of TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. which is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.


Toll Free: (888) 955-7255
Fax: (604) 482-5183
Branch Office: (604) 482-5168
Branch Fax: (604) 482-5183


Shaun has been a volunteer with: •Junior Achievement Company program •Dollars and Sense program •Richmond Disability Society •Habitat for Humanity | Shaun has been a participant and guest speaker with: •Advocus AGM •Canadian Cancer Society’s 400km Ride 2 Survive

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At TD Wealth Private Wealth Management, we believe in taking the time to discover what truly matters to you.  You'll have access to a team of the most integrated specialists in the industry who will get to know what's important to you before getting to your numbers.  It's private wealth management redefined, brought to you by one of the largest private wealth service providers in Canada.


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