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Saverio Veltri

Portfolio ManagerSenior Investment Advisor

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Working together to help you achieve what truly matters to you

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Your life, your family, your business and your career – the pieces that make up your financial life are dynamic and personal. That’s why maintaining the lifestyle and stability that you want requires active management on multiple fronts – but where will this time come from?

Through many years of working with unique professionals and entrepreneurs in the Yonge-St.Clair community, we’ve developed the resources, processes and specialist network to keep up with not only our clients’ priorities, but also the latest strategies, legislation and market insights that help us deliver continuous value.

This means each aspect of your wealth – such as tax, investing, estate strategies – gains the full attention of a specialist, while being coordinated through a central plan and investing strategy, without you having to expend any more time than you have available now.

“When your spare time is limited, there is a clear benefit to working with a well-connected team. By coordinating multiple service professionals, we work to implement a comprehensive wealth strategy that reflects your unique financial and lifestyle needs.”

Saverio Veltri,
Portfolio Manager & Senior Investment Advisor

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Small Business Specialists
Owning a small business typically means you’re facing unique diversification challenges, risk concerns, and complicated retirement questions. All this requires specialized tactics, as well as consistent and adaptive planning, in order to be managed well. Saverio and our wealth management team work together with a Small Business Specialist, so that you can trade guesswork for a more systematic and methodical process for managing risk, mitigating tax, and planning major transitions. For our entrepreneurial clients, this often includes:

•  Streamlining your retirement savings strategies with specialized vehicles like Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCAs) and Individual Pension Plans (IPPs)
•  Strategies to flow cash through the business efficiently
•  Policies to help protect your business and assets from liability
•  Methodical process to plan the succession of your business and your transition into retirement

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Commercial Bankers
If you can simplify certain components of your business, such as administration and financing, you can not only cut costs, but you can also allocate your time more strategically. This is one of the many functions of commercial banking. We connect our clients with Commercial Bankers, so that your dynamic wealth plan can integrate specialized services and strategies such as:

•  Specialty business accounts to help you manage surplus revenue with greater liquidity
•  US-based banking and global services to make it easier to manage cross-border business and foreign cash flows
•  Asset-based lending to provide your business with more working capital
•  Sector-specific financing solutions in areas such as agriculture, automotive, franchise and real estate

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Estate Planning Advisors
Your estate is as unique as your lifestyle. This means that meeting your objectives is about customizing your estate to conform to your singular family profile, whether it’s a blended family legacy, complicated range of estate assets, or intentions that evolve over time. Clients of Veltri Wealth Management Group gain the support of Estate Planning Advisors, which often includes:

•  Tax-conscious charitable giving plans
•  Designing your family legacy and living legacy
•  Tax-efficient insurance policies that boost the value of your estate
•  Transitioning both monetary and non-monetary assets and empowering the next generation to carry on your legacy

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Private Trust Officers
Having Private Trust Officers as part of your integrated professional network means that you can have greater control over the timing and terms of specialized family trusts. This helps to ensure your beneficiaries will carry forward your legacy in a manner that suits all parties. We integrate both Estate Planning Advisors and Private Trust Officers into our wealth process, to provide additional value to our clients that involves:

•  Planning for the next generation tax-efficiently
•  Specialized vehicles like the Qualified Disability Trust (QDT) and education savings strategies
•  Choosing the right inter vivos or testamentary trusts for your family situation
•  Setting the right terms, selecting trustees and coordinating with your legal advisors

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Private Bankers
Private banking offers convenient ways to fit banking and borrowing into your life – but in order to see the full benefits, it needs to be an integrated part of your professional team, as well. We work with Private Bankers to help our clients more efficiently manage both time and money. This includes:

•  Custom credit strategies to help grow, diversify or transition assets efficiently
•  Access to high-end services at exclusive rates
•  Dedicated service that fits your schedule with minimal interruption
•  Funding and partnership financing for professionals such as lawyers, doctors and dentists

“We believe that when you’re faced with complex questions about the wealth you've built, you should expect more from the advice you receive. You should expect personalized service, complete transparency, and a depth of expertise that can fully address what matters to you.”

Saverio Veltri, CFA®, CFP®
Portfolio Manager & Senior Investment Advisor

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When you reach a certain level of success, and a certain degree of complexity in your financial affairs, it’s continuity that matters most. You want to know that you can continue supporting your family, living the lifestyle you want, and pursuing goals without jeopardizing what you’ve worked to build.

We believe that this continuity can be achieved through a core investment management team with a planning focus. We serve as the common thread and main point of contact, drawing on advanced and customized strategies to manage your assets on an active and ongoing basis. Prioritizing risk management and investment discipline, we help:

•   Design an asset allocation and investment plan that balances your wealth priorities
•   Provide access to resources that are conventionally restricted to institutional investors
•   Enable direct ownership of securities, creating additional efficiencies and benefits
•   Accommodate specific needs, security restrictions and other investment preferences

Experienced Professionals 
When planning expertise is at the centre of your wealth strategy, you can have clarity of purpose knowing that your objectives are driving the decision-making process, rather than just product recommendations or market speculation. Core members of our team hold multiple industry designations, to help ensure that your growth, income and preservation strategies are intimately tied to all your other wealth priorities. We work to help you:

•  Systematically uncover and address what matters to you
•  Implement a comprehensive wealth plan that coordinates the advice of multiple specialists
•  A clear and consistent investment philosophy focused on meeting your income and liquidity needs while thoughtfully pursuing growth
•  Through an accessible team and regular communication, provide ongoing financial guidance and problem-solving

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Our range and depth of expertise means that you can rely on us as a sounding board for ideas, and a constant resource for various types of financial advice. In this way, we focus on actively managing the wealth strategies we and our network of TD Specialists design for you, so as to help ensure that your wealth continuously supports your lifestyle.

STEP 1: The First Meeting
In our first meeting, we want to learn your story, and to share with you ours. We then dive into the details of your financial priorities, from investment objectives to wills and powers of attorney.

STEP 2: Your Comprehensive Plan
Each client receives a comprehensive wealth plan that, with recourse to TD specialists, is built to address each aspect of your wealth systematically.

STEP 3: Your Portfolio
With special attention paid to managing risk and market volatility, we design a portfolio around the needs we’ve identified, which is managed and monitored in-house.

STEP 4: The Relationship
We maintain an open line of communication so that we can provide timely advice and ongoing guidance. We also connect with you through social and community events.
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In 1998, Saverio Veltri founded Veltri Wealth Management group in the heart of Midtown Toronto. We are local to the area and have enjoyed establishing our roots alongside those of our clients and neighbours. We’ve seen how powerful a force smart wealth management can be in the lives of our clients and in our community. Over the years, we have:

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Built up a network, working alongside with TD Specialists focused on Estate planning, private banking, Small Business and Private Trust.

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Created a core team who hold multiple industry designations with a disciplined investment process to help our clients maintain their lifestyles and pursue new goals.

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Established a presence in the Yonge-St.Clair community through various educational events and charitable participation.

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Provided value to our clients and neighbours by orchestrating dynamic wealth strategies custom-built for their lives and lifestyles.

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