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Russell Anthony Wealth Management Group

"Freedom Of Choice - To Create The Life You Envision"

Why choose US?

We are a dedicated team of professionals focused on providing goal-based investment and wealth management solutions for business owners and self-employed professionals.

Here are the foundations of the Russell Anthony Wealth Management Group:

We are a team based on demonstrated experience. For over 20 years, our team has worked alongside each other to provide investment and wealth management support to help clients achieve their goals. Our objective is to build relationships with our clients that will last a lifetime.

We understand the needs of business owners and self-employed professionals. We know that business owners and self-employed professionals have unique needs and we have a track record of employing successful investment and wealth management strategies to serve these unique needs. We understand the hard work that has been put into building a business, the ongoing risks associated with running a business, the complexities of growing a business and the eventual need for succession planning. With these complex requirements in mind, we are backed by the full resources of TD Bank Group to help craft the right plan for our clients.

We act as your advocate. The investment landscape is ever-changing and full of complexity, choice and confusion. We are like your personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO) making it easier to focus on the most important issues, so that you can achieve your wealth goals.

We believe that a relationship built on trust is paramount. Much of the personal satisfaction we gain from our work comes when we empower our clients with a plan to assist in achieving their financial security. We have developed a loyal base of clients who tell us that they value the advice and knowledge of our team, but most importantly, feel a strong sense of trust that gives them the confidence to allow us to manage their financial affairs so that they can focus on other aspects of life.

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The Russell Anthony Wealth Management Group is part of TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. which is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank. All trade-marks are the property of their respective owners. ® The TD logo and other trade-marks are the property of The Toronto-Dominion Bank. Please note, for your security I cannot act on any instructions received by email. If instructions are received via email, I will contact you to authenticate the transaction and your identity, which could cause delays. 


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Tax Retirement Planning Guide 2019


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Going beyond the financial picture

Our approach to discovery is in-depth – we apply principles of behavioural finance to dig deeper and understand your wealth personality, your goals, your family, and your motivations – because  your success can’t be understood with just a set of numbers.

    Meet The Team

    We're redefining private wealth management.

    At TD Wealth Private Wealth Management, we believe in taking the time to discover what truly matters to you.  You'll have access to a team of the most integrated specialists in the industry who will get to know what's important to you before getting to your numbers.  It's private wealth management redefined, brought to you by one of the largest private wealth service providers in Canada.


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