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Patricia Greco

Investment Advisor

  • CPA, CA

"Working together to help you achieve what truly matters to you"

“Working with you to achieve your financial success with peace of mind.”

What kind of legacy do you wish to build and protect for yourself and your family? The theory of risk and reward suggests that in order to obtain more reward, one must take on more risk. I value the opportunity to partner with individuals and their families to understand what goals and visions they have for their financial future and to understand what their fears are in reaching them.

My practice is focused on assisting individuals through important life transitions. Whether you are facing transition towards retirement or transition resulting from the loss of a loved one or as a result of a separation/divorce or wish to consider options and strategies for transitioning your business, the foundation of what I offer as a trusted advisor is built on a one-on-one relationship, partnership and disciplined approach providing you with personalized solutions that are right for you at every stage of your life.

There are a number of wealth management issues that I consider when working with you and we identify which of those are most important. Here is a sample of a few:

Retirement Planning–

Having a solid retirement strategy and plan is essential to ensure that you lead the retirement lifestyle that you desire.

Personalized Investment Strategy

The legacy you wish to build and protect is unique to you. I will create a personalized portfolio strategy built exclusively with your objectives and tolerance for risk at the forefront.

Business Planning

Planning and implementing strategies in the most tax efficient manner to transition your business for succession or protect it from the unexpected is the cornerstone to protecting your wealth.

Estate Planning

Acquiring wealth during your lifetime and protect it for the next generation or for philanthropic giving can be daunting. I am committed to helping you with your estate and wealth protection needs.

Not-for-profit Organizations and Foundations -

Partnering with you to meet your investment objectives and fiduciary responsibilities as your trusted Investment Advisor, I assist in meeting your organization's and Board of Director's governance obligations.

In addition to my experience as a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 20 years of experience, I aso work with a team of specialists at TD Wealth Private Investment Advice. Together, we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience in reaching your wealth goals.


Branch Office: (905) 707-2021
Branch Fax: (905) 707-2049

We're redefining private wealth management.

At TD Wealth Private Wealth Management, we believe in taking the time to discover what truly matters to you.  You'll have access to a team of the most integrated specialists in the industry who will get to know what's important to you before getting to your numbers.  It's private wealth management redefined, brought to you by one of the largest private wealth service providers in Canada.


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