MacLean Wealth Advisory Group

MacLean Wealth Advisory Group

Providing sound financial advice for a better tomorrow.

MacLean Wealth Advisory Group

At the MacLean Wealth Advisory Group we offer tailored investment advice and full-service wealth management designed to simplify and enhance your life. We deliver solutions with global scope and insightful expertise, through a deep personal relationship that enables us to truly understand your needs. Our long-term commitment means that our wealth services can grow and adapt with you, your family and your business, as you move through the many distinct phases of your life.

Our Clients

Our clients are affluent individuals, families, business owners, corporations and charities with considerable investable assets and wide-ranging, often-complex financial needs. Most are looking for consistent capital preservation and growth, integrated wealth planning, and thoughtful tax strategies to help them protect and grow their wealth to achieve their goals.

Investment Philosophy

We are a conservative wealth management team, first and foremost concerned with the management of risk through optimal asset allocation within a portfolio. We follow a regimented Core Dividend model with a well ordered discipline of analysis and review, respecting the uniqueness of each client. We work closely with you to identify your personal and/or business investment planning needs and goals, and then apply our considerable experience towards helping you preserve and grow your assets.

Your unique goals

Our team can help you grow and preserve your wealth, and simplify your overall wealth management.