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Lance Scott

Portfolio ManagerInvestment Advisor

  • B.Comm.
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The next few years could change the next few decades.
Let’s talk about what’s ahead of you.


Successful executives and business owners are always thinking about what’s next - upcoming decisions, immediate responsibilities, day-to-day commitments - and this often leaves little time to consider the longer term.

But eventually, "what's next" will be a whole new life phase that requires planning and financial strategy to navigate. That's why our focus is helping executives and business owners to think beyond their current work-life stage, to the values and priorities that will define the next one.

This vision is the starting point of a comprehensive wealth management program designed to coordinate your entire financial life.




Retirement, in the conventional sense of the word, bears little resemblance to the financial and personal transition that owners and executives navigate later in their careers. The move from working to non-working is rarely clear-cut and it typically involves financial complexities that require the expertise of specialists.

When working with an advisory team, we believe there should be an ease of doing business. This comes from years of experience with owners and executives, but it’s also the result of extra steps we take to help ensure the experience fits into our clients’ busy lives as a kind of one-stop solution.

We believe it’s vital that you see the value of your investments, you understand what goes into the recommendations we make, and you always know where you stand with respect to your goals. That’s why we provide clear documentation and reporting at every stage. 

One of our objectives is to help simplify your financial life. It’s about taking care of time-consuming tasks, but also providing a process to get your entire financial household organized and to maintain clarity through intuitive progress reviews.







*As of October 26th, 2020. Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. Testimonials contained herein are solicited and may not be representative of the views of others. They have been reviewed and approved in writing for public use.

**As of October 14th, 2020. Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. Testimonials contained herein are solicited and may not be representative of the views of others. They have been reviewed and approved in writing for public use.

***As of October 19th, 2020. Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. Testimonials contained herein are solicited and may not be representative of the views of others. They have been reviewed and approved in writing for public use.




Our unique discovery process is about more than just gathering financial details. As part of our 7 Vision Questions, we engage in a priority ranking exercise wherein we discuss the events and values that could end up defining the next stage in your life. We also help ensure your priorities are aligned with those of your spouse or business partner.

This often includes family dynamics, business goals, health concerns, and ideas you haven’t had a chance to explore, like philanthropy or community involvement.


We compile our assessments and recommendations into a proposal that we present to you. We don’t require anything from you at this time, but we will walk you through the strategies we’re recommending and answer any questions you may have.


Should you decide to move forward, we will initiate our full wealth management program, which starts with a comprehensive financial plan. We begin organizing your financial picture and implementing the steps we’ve recommended, in order of priority.




We seek to answer two equally important questions: “What will your business look like without you?” and “What will your life look like without your business?”

You may never step away completely, but it’s essential to have a strategy in place to address the new priorities, opportunities and complexities that can develop over the long term. We provide a systematic process for designing and executing a custom exit plan, as well as the strategies and resources to service your entire financial household.



Many executives lack the time to fully consider questions that become increasingly significant as they near retirement or semi-retirement: Are your investments sufficiently diversified? What will your income streams look like in ten years? How will your deferred and equity compensation impact the next phase of your life?

We help executives take steps to maximize the value of their assets, protect what matters, and maintain financial clarity – within a process that’s designed to fit into a busy schedule.



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