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Kensington Wealth Management

Working together to help you achieve what truly matters to you

With extensive experience in identifying and managing risk and opportunity for affluent investors, we strive to help you build financial security and focus on the most important aspects of your life. 

We believe that our group operates according to these principles:


We help build relationships based on honesty, transparency, good communication and putting your interests first. 


Our goal is to place a priority on collaborative relationships with our clients and other TD Specialists to simplify the complexities of growing and preserving wealth. We engage the services of TD Wealth to help provide you with private banking services and estate and tax planning strategies. We also liaise with your lawyers, accountants and other advisors so that we may seamlessly deliver various integrated and multi-generational solutions. 


Our team endeavors to discover everything we can about your financial, business and personal circumstances and goals. We then prepare multifaceted investment and wealth plans, designed to help ensure action points on our to-do list are implemented.

We provide services to*:

• Successful executives looking to enhance and grow their wealth,
• Professionals who need a trusted advisor to help with their personal assets and practice,
• Business owners with personal and business assets that need to be managed,
• Pre-retirees who needs assistance with their retirement savings,
• Retirees requiring innovative strategies to potentially maximize their after-tax retirement income who are looking for help to protect their financial security, and 
• Well-established families seeking professional guidance in transferring wealth to the next generation in a tax-efficient manner.
*In collaboration with other TD Specialists

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Kensington Wealth Management is a part of TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. which is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.


Branch Office: (416) 512-6788
Branch Fax: (416) 512-6224

Meet The Team

We're redefining private wealth management.

At TD Wealth Private Wealth Management, we believe in taking the time to discover what truly matters to you.  You'll have access to a team of the most integrated specialists in the industry who will get to know what's important to you before getting to your numbers.  It's private wealth management redefined, brought to you by one of the largest private wealth service providers in Canada.


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