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At the heart of what I do is a remarkable purpose to create investment plans that help clients avoid the many pitfalls of investing and make smart decisions with their money.

My approach follows a simple process.

I get to know my clients and their families which constitute high net worth business owners, professionals, corporations, trusts and estates. Knowing my clients well allows me to better understand their Financial and Retirement goals and build a plan to achieve them. Because these goals change over time we review their situation at least once a year.

I then develop Investment Policies and Financial Plans that are tailor made to the client. Following these policies and plans I build and manage diversified investment portfolios using a disciplined investment strategy.

I work with TD specialists and tax and legal advisors to help my clients organize the important financial planning areas of their lives.


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How My Team Can Help You

As a Senior Portfolio Manager and Senior Investment Advisor, I manage investments & help build Wealth Plans for high net worth families. This includes professionals, business owners, corporations, trusts and estates.

Honest Advice

Looking at the Big Picture

Doing What's Best For Our Clients

First Class Service

Understanding Our Clients

Giving Back to the Community

My Clients & What Makes Me Different

My Clients
  • I work with high net worth families, business owners, professionals, corporations, trusts and estates.

What Makes Me Different
  • My attention to detail
  • My service level and follow-up
  • My depth of knowledge from 25 years experience in the fields of investing and retirement
  • My expertise in helping deal with complex strategies in tax and estates
  • Most of all, I take the time to explain and help educate my clients

Understanding You

My clients benefit from an in-depth discovery phase where I learn more about what's important to them and help establish real goals. I work together with their professionals and a team of TD Specialists to create Investment and Wealth Plans to help my clients achieve their long term objectives.

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I work with a network of some of the most sophisticated specialists and professionals in Montreal to help you make the most of your unique position.