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Judy Yueh Chun Wang

Investment Advisor

Working together to help you achieve what truly matters to you


What we offer

To help you meet your goals, we take a comprehensive approach that extends
beyond investing. We offer you the relevant, customized wealth advice you
deserve – and we can do that only by fully understanding you.

As your needs change and evolve over time, we will tailor our services and
solutions strategies accordingly. Whether you are building your career or
business, or shifting into retirement, we believe that our disciplined planning
approach will help make you more confident in your decisions, and more
focused on your future.

Wealth Management Strategies Construction Process  财富管理战略构建过程

Investment Philosophy & Portfolio Construction Process  投资理念 & 构建过程

Our client-centred approach

Our relationship with you is the key to offering you tailored wealth strategies.
The insight we gain from working with you is the basis on which we design
your unique strategy that fits your goals. We understand what makes your
situation different. We actively listen and gather in-depth information to
establish a clear understanding of your goals. We believe that your personal
wealth strategy is key to your financial success. However, before we can begin
to build your plan, we take the time to develop a deep understanding of you.

Integrated wealth services

We take an integrated approach, bringing in other TD specialists as required
to develop a custom wealth strategy. We assemble as a team in developing
the solutions you require, such as:




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Branch Fax: (604) 482-5183


Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, English


University of Victoria

Helping you achieve your vision of success

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