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Judd Cole

"Working together to help you achieve what truly matters to you"

"Exceptional service and sound investments have forged a bond of trust with our clients and their families that carries on through generations." – Judd Cole

The Cole Advisory Group, a part of TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, oversees the investment portfolios of affluent individuals, family offices, successful business owners and corporations.

Under the seasoned expertise of Judd Cole, investment advisor, the Cole Advisory Group offers a unique, hands-on client experience that is predicated on first-class service and sound investments.  Mr. Cole has over 15 years of institutional and retail investment experience, both as a Bay Street investment advisor and as an international proprietary trader.  His grasp of markets is far-reaching and cutting-edge, and his value proposition is clear:

To help protect and grow client wealth through disciplined investment in conservative companies with solid balance sheets, while identifying market trends and opportunities that help earn profits.

After a careful and in-depth personal assessment of your risk tolerance and long-term investment objectives, The Cole Advisory Group will design a customized portfolio that is an essential blueprint of your investor profile.  At your convenience, we will also conduct a detailed discovery analysis of your further wealth management needs.  From retirement and estate-planning issues to charitable giving and insurance solutions, The Cole Advisory Group can effectively guide you through the most challenging financial questions, accommodating the complete wealth spectrum.


The Cole Advisory Group – Investment with care.



Investment Style

Today's markets demand an active approach to investing.  Our economic climate and market conditions are constantly changing, requiring a high degree of participation and adaptation from investors.  Frankly, most people don't have the time to safely and effectively manage their investments, especially professionals and business owners.  Leave it to us – we're the experts.

Utilizing a value-oriented investment focus that is based on extensive technical and fundamental analysis, The Cole Advisory Group takes the guess-work out of investing and helps save you valuable time.  We are dialed-in to Bay Street and have an information pipeline developed over several years, speaking directly with analysts, portfolio managers and the companies we invest in.

We select our investments based on the best information available, and in the event that a situation changes, we move swiftly to capitalize – a low risk strategy that has successfully by-passed two historic downturns and left our clients with the firm conviction that their investments are in safe hands.


-          One decision-maker – Mr. Cole makes all investment decisions with you

-          Institutional-level service – pension-fund-style portfolio management

-          Bespoke investing – your portfolio is tailored precisely to fit YOUR needs

-          Accessibility – no gateways to navigate; Mr. Cole and his team are available

-          Interaction – direct calls, face-to-face meetings and quarterly performance reviews

-          Convenience – we service ALL of your wealth management needs.



Investment Process

Once your risk tolerance, long term objectives and big-picture financial vision have been assessed fully, The Cole Advisory Group will allocate you to one of our four specialized Investment Platforms that best fit your profile:  1) Preservation, 2) Income,  3) Balanced and 4)Growth.

Preservation Platform – ideal for Investors who have no risk tolerance and wish to carefully protect their wealth while earning modest returns.  Employing an array of the securest in investment vehicles and cash management solutions, we focus on Treasury Bills, Provincial Bonds, Banker's Acceptances, HiSAs, Principal-Protected Deposit Notes and Money Market mandates, with a firm eye on preservation.  The Preservation Platform is popular with Corporate Treasury and Trust accounts. 

Income Platform – Investors seeking 100% income from their wealth are placed on the Income platform.  Depending on risk tolerance, they are invested in such securities as investment grade Corporate and Government bonds, Preferred Shares and dividend-paying blue chip Stocks, as well as Bond and Income ETFs and select income-focused Mutual Funds.

Balanced Platform – a perfect fit for Investors looking to preserve capital and earn income while still allowing room for some growth potential, this is our most popular mandate.  Here Investors are placed in select blue chips Stocks, balanced Mutual Funds, investment grade Corporate and Government bonds and Preferred shares.

Growth Platform – The Growth platform is reserved for investors who have an appetite for some controlled risk in their portfolio.  Focusing on higher-beta Stocks, growth-oriented Hedge and Mutual Funds, Structured products, high-yield Bonds and New Issue, the emphasis is on maximizing returns while mitigating as much risk as possible through the latest research from Credit Suisse and TD Securities.

With your platform clearly established, the customization of your portfolio then takes place, based on further factors such as age, time-line to retirement, financial planning and liquidity needs, along with consideration for your personal investing principles.


Fee Structure

The Cole Advisory Group offers clients the flexibility of two programs when charging for its investment management services:  1) Fee-based or 2) Transactional

Fee-based –  The Fee-based program is becoming more and more widely accepted.  Clients are charged an annual fee, based on a small percentage of their assets under management, with the option to pay on a quarterly or monthly basis.  There is no charge on individual trades, while mutual funds, bonds etc. fall under the blanket fee as well.  The fee-based program enhances the level of trust in the Client/Advisor relationship and all fees in non-registered accounts are tax deductible.

Transactional – Clients who opt for the Transactional program are charged on a trade-to-trade basis, with the commission charged determined by the size of the trade and the market price of the security.  This applies also to bonds, debentures and mutual funds, whereby the commission charged is based on current market standards, taking into account management expense ratios (MERs).  The Cole Advisory Group endeavours to offer clients the most competitive transactional rates available.


The Cole Advisory Group – Investment with care


Branch Office: (519) 640-8530
Branch Fax: (519) 640-8552

We're redefining private wealth management.

At TD Wealth Private Wealth Management, we believe in taking the time to discover what truly matters to you.  You'll have access to a team of the most integrated specialists in the industry who will get to know what's important to you before getting to your numbers.  It's private wealth management redefined, brought to you by one of the largest private wealth service providers in Canada.


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