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John Naas

Portfolio ManagerInvestment Advisor

  • FCSI®
  • CFA®
  • CFP®

Specialized wealth management to help you grow your practice and plan for retirement

After investing significant time, energy and money into your education and setting up your practice, you need highly-qualified wealth management advice to help you manage debt, maximize your cash flow and plan intelligently for the retirement you deserve.

As a specialist in advising medical practitioners, I know how stressful and busy your life can be and work to help you simplify, enhance and protect your wealth. With access to the vast resources of TD Bank Group, I can help you to take your wealth horizons to the next level. Here are a few of the ways I can add value:

Unbiased advice. TD Wealth Private Investment Advice allows for unbiased access to all investment solutions. I am free to advise you with complete objectivity, free from bias to any products or platforms.

Discretionary wealth management. I am qualified to offer discretionary wealth management, which alleviates pressure on extremely busy individuals.

Customization. I provide complete and tailored wealth services based on a personalized one-on-one relationship with you and a firm understanding of your unique financial challenges.

Complete, integrated wealth services and access to TD resources that take the stress of banking, borrowing and investing off the table. With knowledge of incorporation and the ability to prepare detailed cash flow and net worth statements, I will coordinate all the details to offer you maximum convenience.

Experience in managing heavy debt loads. If you've recently left school and set up your practice, you are most likely burdened with substantial debt. Or, perhaps you have incurred debt while investing in the growth and scope of your healthcare business. I can help you to pay down your liabilities and begin to grow your capital.

Experience in improving cash flow and assuming disciplined spending patterns.

Experience in providing guidance to diversify and invest intelligently so that all your assets are not held in your practice. This helps to ensure you have a comfortable retirement and are not relying solely on the sale of your business.

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