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Jeffrey Jakobsen

Portfolio ManagerInvestment Advisor

Working together to help you achieve what truly matters to you

What Can I Do As Your Investment Advisor?

The jam here at JAM (Jakobsen Asset Management) is to build and grow investment portfolios and integrated financial wealth plans for every stage of life.

The focus is not just on an older demographic planning for retirement or experienced professionals embarking on big, new endeavours, I work with those committed to accumulating, building, and growing their wealth.

So if you’ve already achieved major milestones in life or if you’re just putting those important objectives in place, there is still so much more on the horizon! JAM is committed to supporting your financial future to infinity and beyond (or thereabouts)!

Jakobsen Asset Management | Jeffrey Jakobsen | What I Can Do As Your Investment Advisor

Jeffrey Jakobsen: Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor

Who Is A JAM Client Really?

Investors that take the management of their assets wicked seriously.
JAM clients include:
  • Innovative international and local Victoria entrepreneurs
  • Experienced executives in a range of professional services
  • Sophisticated and calculated corporations
  • Savvy self-made business owners
  • Knowledgeable family and group investors
  • Discerning individual investors
  • Investors committed to accumulating, building, and growing their wealth

Why Is JAM Different?

If you’ve been Googling, asking friends and colleagues, or submitting random inquiries in your quest to find a financial advisor, you’ve likely encountered a lot of financial retirement planners or advisors focused on just high-net worth individuals and groups.

I'm not like that.

Though I absolutely provide services to those demographics I am also on a quest. A quest to work with clients ready to collaborate to build a fully customized plan for every unique chapter of your personal or professional life. Plans that consider the whole picture; individual or family needs, goals, risk tolerance, tax situations, estates + all the other stuff that is truly important to you. I want to be a part of creating your 'anything is possible' financial-future.


The hard work was put forth to earn some notable and uncommon professional certifications* (yes, I have a few nerdy letters at the end of my name) that, when combined with my approach to investment strategy, directly benefit clients. To get specific:

  • DMS - Derivatives Market Specialist
  • CIM® - Chartered Investment Manager
  • PFP - Professional Financial Planner
  • Discretionary Investment Qualified 
  • Licensed Life Insurance Advisor, TD Wealth Insurance Services
*Jeffrey Jakobsen is one of the few advisors who holds the Derivatives Market Specialist designation on Vancouver Island allowing him to use derivative strategies to help hedge against downside risk.


  • Advisor Managed Accounts: You no longer have to make daily investment decisions – you can entrust them to our team. An Investment Policy Statement (IPS), based on your objectives, comfort and financial situation, sets the guidelines, asset allocation and diversification of your portfolio. Sudden opportunities and risks can be addressed swiftly without waiting for your approval. One transparent, asset-based fee with no commission per trade.
  • Alternative Strategies: We deploy select, authentic hedge funds, similar to those used by pension funds, to build resilient portfolios, and options strategies that have the ability to generate strong returns even when other asset classes are in a downturn.
  • Corporate & Institutional Cash Management: JAM clients hold separately managed securities, which can be more cost-effective and nimble to adjust than large mutual funds.
  • Family Investment Portfolio Management: Fully customized for your family needs and dynamics. 
  • Registered & Non-Registered Retirement Account Management: At JAM we see these as personal pension plans, along with Individual Pension Plans (IPPs) for executives and entrepreneurs which can help to defer more tax than Registered Savings Plans (RSPs).
  • Risk Minimization: JAM clients often take enough risk in their professions and enterprises and don’t want to assume more in their portfolios. Already carrying lines of credit and loans to support their families, they entrust us to steward their wealth with conservative strategies.
  • Holistic Wealth Planning: We take a full, family approach - working with your lawyers and accountants to act as your independent support team and deliver coordinated, integrated services. A team of TD specialists can offer you access to sophisticated expertise as needed in high-net worth planning:
    • Tax planning Estate and trust planning
    • Retirement planning
    • Insurance solutions
    • Business succession planning
    • Charitable giving strategies
    • Creating your own private family foundation.

Who Am I?

SHORT ANSWER: Jeffrey Jakobsen


About Jeff

Jakobsen Asset Management _ Who Am I_ Jeffrey Jakobsen _Bio_.png

  • Started Young: Worked on the floor Toronto Stock Exchange at 16
  • Got Lots of Education: Earned degrees in Public Affairs & Management and Sociology-Anthropology from Carleton University
  • Have A Lot of Experience: Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor | RBC Dominion Securities (12 years) Senior Investment Advisor, Canaccord Capital (10 years), Business Manager, Wheaton Group (4 years) 
  • I'm A Dad: I have two young sons, with whom I try very hard to keep up with on the ski hill and many other sporting activities
  • Make Time to Give Back: Co-Chair, ‘Eye-Appeal’, the annual major giving event for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Founder/Co-Chair/Sponsor of the annual 'Paul Kwari Memorial Golf Tournament', an annual fundraiser for The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada

LONG ANSWER: My Approach

I've got a pretty personal and comfortable approach towards client relationships. Cultivating real client connections is important to me (i.e. annoying habits of your kids, amazing professional achievements, craziest vacation stories, family events and drama, die-hard team loyalties - Go Leafs! etc.). That’s why I work with you in the ways that work best for you:
  • IN-REAL-LIFE (Gozen is my 'go-to' lunch meeting spot - but am always open to suggestions)
  • By PHONE & EMAIL (Because it’s with me 24/7)
  • Chatting over VIDEO (You can 100% be business on top and pajamas on the bottom)
This allows for the management of your assets in ways that will result in achieving your financial goals. I aim to offer different perspectives to all client interactions, resulting in a full-picture plan for your financial future.

Jakobsen Asset Management is a part of TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. which is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.


Branch Office: (250) 356-4104
Branch Fax: (250) 356-4166



You have questions, I have answers. Let's have a quick chat.

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