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Jeffrey Jakobsen

Portfolio Manager

Investment Advisor

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Nerdy Letters That Benefit Your Portfolio

The hard work was put forth to earn some notable and uncommon professional certifications* (yes, I have a few nerdy letters at the end of my name) that, when combined with my approach to investment strategy, directly benefit clients. To get specific:
  • DMS - Derivatives Market Specialist
  • CIM® - Chartered Investment Manager
  • PFP - Professional Financial Planner
  • Discretionary Investment Qualified
  • Licensed Life Insurance Advisor, TD Wealth Insurance Services
*Jeffrey Jakobsen is one of the few advisors who holds the Derivatives Market Specialist designation on Vancouver Island allowing him to use derivative strategies to help hedge against downside risk.

Jakobsen Asset Management

Jakobsen Asset Management
The jam here at JAM (Jakobsen Asset Management) is to build and grow investment portfolios and integrated financial wealth plans for every stage of life.

The focus is not just on an older demographic planning for retirement or experienced professionals embarking on big, new endeavours, I work with those committed to accumulating, building, and growing their wealth.

So if you’ve already achieved major milestones in life or if you’re just putting those important objectives in place, there is still so much more on the horizon! JAM is committed to supporting your financial future to infinity and beyond (or thereabouts)!