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Jason Lobe

Investment Advisor

"Tailored solutions in tune with your needs and the needs of those you care about"


Thank you very much for taking the time to visit our website.  At Lobe Wealth Management, we take our roles of managing our clients’ investment assets and financial goals very seriously.


Jason L. Lobe, B.Comm

Jason has been managing investment assets for clients since 1999.  Having a very diverse employment background has helped Jason to understand and relate to many different types of clients’ personal situations.  Working for the family business for many years, managing a home improvement retailer, working as a mutual fund representative, an investment advisor assistant, and now running his own investment advice practice for over a decade have all contributed a great deal to being able to adhere to the first rule in managing people’s wealth effectively…Know Your Client.   Typical feedback from clients is “Jason has time for me”, and “he understands my needs”.

Under the LWM team structure, Jason directs the general operations of the team, all portfolio and investment decisions, and overall strategic asset allocation choices.  He also oversees the selection process for managers and third party managed accounts and conducts in depth interviews of managers and analysts on a regular basis.

Our Process:

Our team works closely with our clients to develop deep and trusted relationships to fully understand their financial goals and priorities.  For each client, we tailor a systematic and understandable investment management process designed to maximize returns while minimizing risk and taxation.  We also offer our clients access to in-house Tax & Estate Planning professionals who work alongside our team to develop a long term financial plan adhering to specific individual client issues such as insurance, estate, taxation, business succession, and philanthropy.

Our unique and methodical approach to managing the wealth of the affluent investor is the root of what separates us from mediocrity.  In recognizing that this small percentage of the Canadian population requires specific strategic financial solutions to address their individual needs, we are able to provide our clientele with a disciplined and systematic formula for achieving their desired results.

Staying on track of those results and keeping our focus is the cornerstone of our approach!


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“While I find it extremely important to be afforded the opportunity to manage my clients’ wealth, it is the fact that they have placed their trust with me and my team that hits home the most” says Jason.  “I feel that it is my #1 task to always earn and deserve that trust.  Most of us in the industry have the educational background and the proper tools to manage people’s financial lives, but it is that trust factor that to me is the most important aspect of my relationships.  I truly feel like my clients are my friends”.

Jason has been involved with many local charities and is an active supporter of his University Alumni where he competed as a student athlete in the CIS.  He also continues to play competitive hockey and soccer in and around the Montreal area.  “I owe a lot of my personal makeup and character to team sports and I feel that it is important to give back to the sports that have treated me so well over the years.  Hockey and Soccer have taught me many valuable life lessons that directly transfer over to my personal and professional relationships”.

Having been born in Alberta, raised in the Yukon, and living and working in many Alberta and BC cities has allowed Jason to not only meet several new people and work with them to manage their investments, but also to gain tremendous insight into the social and economic fabric of our wonderful country.  “Canada really is a great country!”  “I have travelled overseas for stretches of 4months plus, and Canadians are very well respected and admired”.   “Not many countries can boast about being polite, kind, but yet still strong and charismatic.”  I love being Canadian”. 

A few times per year Jason travels back to Calgary and Vancouver to meet with clients and discuss their financial affairs.  “I have the best job I can imagine!  I get to travel to our country’s most beautiful spots, meet with clients that are my friends, and yes, maybe I will spend some time on their dock by the lake or hit the slopes when we’re not talking finance.  It’s great; I can’t imagine doing anything else.  I love my clients and I respect being able to take care of them and their families”.

After moving to Montreal in 2001, Jason was married in August of 2005 to his wife Julie and in September of 2010 they had their first baby girl, Allison Jaye.  “Having a child is another very important aspect of life that allows me to come that much closer to my clients.”  “It really is, as they say, a game-changer”. In 2013, Jason and Julie welcomed their second child to the family, a healthy baby boy named Jordan. 

In 2010, Jason and his family moved from downtown Montreal to the West Island.  “Julie and I both grew up in small towns, and while we thoroughly enjoy what our great city has to offer downtown, we wanted a home with a basement and a backyard to raise our family.  We’ve planted our family’s roots here, so to speak.  We’re now West Islanders and proud to be.”  Jason also points out that “we do still have many clients that I visit in their downtown offices.  It’s not that far actually and much closer than Vancouver!”

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