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Fay Mirminachi

Investment AdvisorCertified Retirement SpecialistPortfolio Manager

  • CFP®
  • Ph.D

"Working together to help you achieve what truly matters to you"

Fay specializes in providing comprehensive wealth management services with an emphasis on helping clients grow, protect, and preserve their wealth. She believes that clients deserve a caring, competent advisor that delivers service with complete integrity. Since joining the industry in 2004, she has maintained a high level of dedication to the financial services industry and has received the Certified Financial Planner designation. Fay works with high net worth clients, small business owners and families who value a customized wealth management plan.  

She establishes and delivers on your personal plan through a disciplined process. Fay starts with the assessment of your personal goals and risk tolerance, customizing an asset allocation model, selecting individual securities and/or professional money managers. Fay will closely monitor your investment portfolio and recommend the required actions to keep it on track to meet your long term goals. Moreover, Fay often works in conjunction with attorneys and accountants in helping clients with their tax and estate matters.  

Fay received her doctorate degree in Chemical Engineering from Vienna Technical University in Austria. Prior to joining the industry, Fay had over a decade of engineering and executive management experience in Vancouver and abroad.  

Fay plays an active role in her community by serving on the West Vancouver Rotary Club. Her focus is to provide timely information to the community by offering investment seminars locally.   If you are an investor looking for personalized service and informed guidance please contact her by phone at (604) 981-4413 or email her at to discover how Fay can help you reach your financial goals.


Branch Office: (604) 981-4400
Branch Fax: (604) 981-4432

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