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Derek Ballendine

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Building Trusting Relationships for Life

Welcome to a personal, comprehensive and team-based approach to your financial future. We work with individuals, families, professionals and business owners with wide-ranging, often complex financial needs. They come to us for a high level of insightful counsel, disciplined planning and effective risk management strategies.

We're dedicated to providing individual investment advice and financial solutions, tailored to your specific needs. Your hard work is what got you to where you are today. Our team is committed to support you through your wealth journey.

Our Team

I am a founding member of the Ballendine Thakkar Group, which has grown to include five advisors and two administrative assistants. We believe that our success has been based on our prudent investment advice and our sincere desire to understand your unique situation and aspirations for the future. Our objective is to provide you with an attentive and supportive relationship for life.

I have been in the investment industry for over twenty five years and it is apparent to me that high net worth individuals require a holistic approach to their finances that goes beyond pure investment advice. We can engage a team of specialists from TD Wealth and TD Bank Group who are dedicated to helping fulfill your specific needs. Your wealth considerations may include:

  • High net worth planning,
  • Tax-efficient strategies,
  • Insurance as an investment or for estate protection,
  • Will and estate planning,
  • Private banking and credit services,
  • Legacy creation and philanthropic solutions,
  • Business succession planning.

Understanding You

Our process begins by getting to know you, your lifestyle and the important people and activities in your life – family, career and personal goals and interests. Whether it is pursuing financial independence, a hobby, travelling the world or leaving a legacy for your children – we want to know what is important to you. We are committed to helping you fulfill your vision.

Your wealth. Your goals. Your plan.

With greater wealth comes greater opportunity and challenge. Once we understand your vision for your future, we'll bring together specialists from TD Wealth to help us design a strategy for you. They will bring an impartial, full-picture perspective, craft intelligent strategies customized to your vision, and offer clear advice to help you make educated decisions.

Planning is the number one way we identify tangible opportunities. We believe that, through astute planning, we can help to bring you significant long-term benefits. We look forward to helping you uncover your overlooked opportunities.

Integrated Investment Strategies

As a team, we are devoted to continually studying the financial markets and staying on the forefront of changes in the industry. As a result, we are well-informed and can help to simplify the investment landscape for you.

We'll propose a customized investment solution that leverages the breadth of resources that TD Bank Group has to offer as well as independent external resources.  We use your goals and objectives to help define your unique risk parameters and time frame for a given portfolio of investments. Meeting your goals is our benchmark of success.

Our investment philosophy is built upon a foundation of time-tested principles, all of which have served our clients well:

  • Long-term investing, not short-term trading,
  • Identifying sound investment opportunities that focus on dividend-paying stocks,
  • Investing in quality businesses,
  • Continuously supervising investments and portfolios with a disciplined approach to re-balancing your portfolio.
 We offer a range of advisory investment options, including:

  • Proprietary investment portfolios. These portfolios have a value focus and are designed to be tax-efficient while helping to reduce volatility.
  • PAIR (Portfolio Advice and Investment Research) guided portfolios. PAIR is a team of investment professionals within TD who are dedicated to delivering comprehensive portfolio solutions.
  • Pooled funds in both active and passive investment styles.
In the end, our investment strategy is only successful if it aligns closely to your plan and your goals.

Our services are best suited for those who have $1,000,000 or more to invest with us and are willing to delegate investment decisions to the Ballendine Thakkar Group.

Wealth Strategies for Business Owners

You’ve built a business on your own terms. We think your wealth plan should be defined on your terms, too.

We work with business owners extensively to help address their unique needs – as well as those of their families. As a business owner, your personal financial goals cannot be completely planned without carefully considering the investments you’ve put into your business and the equity you’ve built in it. That’s why we offer an all inclusive approach to help you grow and preserve your business and personal assets. Along with our team of TD specialists, we can help you:

  • Access credit and cash flow solutions for you and your business,
  • Create a wealth management strategy for you and your family,
  • Plan for the succession or sale of your business,
  • Provide advice to help protect your business against the unexpected,
  • Establish a wealth transfer plan that includes your business,
  • Develop insurance strategies to help protect your family and manage risk,
  • Build wealth outside your business to diversify your assets, and
  • Save and invest for retirement.

Implementing a Disciplined Plan

The financial world is filled with media noise and uncertainty. By providing you with a unique goals-based investment plan together with an investment strategy founded on time-tested principles, it is our objective to help you take the emotion out of investing.

Your goals are our goals. We will develop a disciplined wealth plan and deliver what we believe is the highest level of personal service.  We are confident that we can simplify and streamline your wealth management journey so that you can focus on what’s most important to you.

Ballendine Thakkar Group is a part of TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. which is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.

Your Goals, Our Priorities

We will work together to help you manage, grow, and protect your wealth. Our tailored services are designed to help meet your unique goals and priorities - no matter how complex they are.

We'll help you identify your priorities and create a plan to address your specific needs. We can help with:

  • Protecting your assets
  • Maximizing your charitable giving
  • Finding tax strategies and solutions
  • Arranging your estate and trust planning

Our Services

Your goals are our priority so when you work with us, you have access to experienced professionals across all our products and services. Whether you need answers about wealth strategies, retirement planning or transfer of wealth, we're here to help.

What We Do

What to expect when working with us

Initial Discovery

Our in-depth discovery process focuses on understanding your priorities and goals in order to better support them.

Seamless Onboarding

We will help you transfer funds and structure your investment portfolio through step-by-step onboarding.

Proactive Reviews

Get curated insights, timely updates, and regular reviews of progress towards your goals and adjust as your needs evolve.

Polly – Moving forward with the right financial plan

Empowering Polly to achieve financial success

When Polly moved to Canada, she was determined to build a great life for her family. Years of hard work and resilience paved the way for success, but when faced with the unthinkable, Polly was left to start again, leaving her with feelings of uncertainty. Find out how with the help of her TD Wealth advisor and a personalized financial plan Polly was able to take charge of her family’s financial future.

Nick & Justina – Business owners teaming up with TD Wealth

Putting finances into perspective

As small business owners, Nick and Justina make a powerhouse team, supporting each other through ups and downs. As parents, they worry about how potential challenges with the business could impact their family’s future. Nick and Justina teamed up with their TD Wealth advisor to build a personalized financial plan. With a plan in place, they finally saw that achieving their family’s goals while maintaining the business was possible. Find out how the right financial advice helped give them a brighter view of life.

Tailored Solutions

Our solutions can help people meet their unique needs and make them feel more confident in their financial future.

Your unique goals

You've worked hard to get where you are today. Now's the time to maintain, grow, and protect your net worth. Get tailored advice, solutions, and strategies that can help achieve your goals.

Market Commentary

Build your understanding of investment concepts and stay current with ongoing market trends. Choose from a variety of helpful daily, monthly, and quarterly newsletters and resources.


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