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Dana Duke

Investment Advisor

  • B.A.

Committed to understanding your needs and helping you achieve your vision of success


At TD Wealth, we believe that each client’s needs are truly unique. Our goal is to offer you the relevant, customized wealth advice you deserve - and we can do that only by fully understanding you. That’s why we take the time to understand you, your family and your values. Whether your needs are  straightforward or complex, we’re dedicated to delivering tailored, comprehensive, wealth management strategies that are rooted in your goals. We will stay in tune with your needs and help ensure you’re on track to achieve the future you envision for yourself. Click on the image below for more information:


As an Investment Advisor, my mandate is to help you preserve and grow your wealth through tailored investment solutions. Dedication to exceptional client experiences and innovative financial strategies are the foundations of our business at TD Wealth. I will deliver proactive and personal recommendations, working closely with you to make key decisions about your portfolio that will help you to achieve your long term financial goals.

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By taking the time to truly understand your unique circumstances and what's important to you and your family, I can assist you in defining your goals and determine a suitable plan to help you realize them. 

The most important factor in the relationships I have with my clients is trust. I place integrity at the forefront of every decision I make and this fundamental principle has always guided me well. I enjoy working with people who share these same values.

I believe strongly in collaboration with my clients to ensure a solid foundation for working together. This is fostered through active listening and ongoing communication, and begins with a deep discovery about you and what you hope to accomplish. This becomes the blueprint for your personal financial priorities, and as your life changes and these priorities evolve over time, so does your Wealth Plan. Executing a well-planned, risk-management investment strategy, that is resistant to market volatility is at the heart of attaining our clients long term financial goals.

My commitment to you is to be transparent and honest, and to work hard in helping you achieve your vision for your future, gaining the financial confidence to live your best life now and the rewarding life you're looking forward to in retirement.  

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When I'm not in the office, I cherish spending my personal time with my husband Cam and our two teen-aged children, our son Ethan and our daughter Caelan.  

After many years of bringing up our young family in Calgary, we made the decision to return to our roots in beautiful British Columbia, to be closer to our families in Vancouver.  Although relatively new to Victoria, we've been fortunate to spend summer vacations on Hornby Island for as long as I can remember. Vancouver Island has always felt like a second home to us and we were able to make the dream of living in Victoria come true with our move here in 2015.

As outdoor enthusiasts, we love to cycle, mountain bike, ski, golf, hike, ocean kayak, paddle, and explore everything that Victoria and the West Coast has to offer. I also enjoy reading, cooking, yoga and gardening in my spare time.

Women in Financial Markets

Traditionally the Financial Industry, and in particular the role of Investment Advisor, has been predominantly held by men. Recently however, there has been a tremendous shift in women being recognized and appreciated for bringing a new female perspective to the investment and financial advice landscape. I am fortunate to be working with a truly progressive employer who values and promotes gender equality across all lines of business. TD is an industry leader in this respect.

This shift is also being seen with women increasingly taking the lead concerning family finances and investment decision making. Affluent, successful women professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and business owners are growing in vast numbers and have unique needs. I feel I'm particularly aligned with and sensitive towards these needs.  Furthermore, many mature women in retirement find themselves in unfamiliar circumstances, through divorce or the loss of a spouse, where they are now the sole financial decision makers. This can be a difficult adjustment, one which I am confident I can provide the support needed for this transition.

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