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Cross Family Office

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Cross Family Office is a wealth management team located in Toronto and London, established to help meet the wealth management needs of affluent investors. We offer a concierge high-touch service, tailored for VIP clients.

Our family office was established as a result of the growing number of families with wealth, as well as the rapid changes in technology and the regulatory environment. This has led to the need for their greater sophistication and skill as advisors. 

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Professional athletes know the importance of a team. The support and advice they receive from their team of agents, coaches, teammates, managers, friends, and family, play a major role in their achievements. Affluent investors are not different: choosing the right team for their wealth management needs can mean the difference between growing and maintaining their wealth, financial stagnation or even failure.

With over 20 years of combined experience, Cross Family Office operates with a sharp focus on both risk management and asset performance. Our Sports and Entertainment Program offers a concierge high-touch service, going above-and-beyond, extending service outside geographic boundaries and outside of regular office hours.

Our exclusive client list includes:

ATP Tour – Men's Tennis Professionals
WTA Tour – Women's Tennis Professionals
LPGA Tour - Golf Professionals
NBA - Basketball Professionals
Agents - Sports and Entertainment


Cross Family Office acts as your single-point-of-contact within TD Bank Group – accessing capital markets for products, services and expertise required to fulfill even the most complex planning needs. 

Our exclusive client list includes ultra-high net worth families, professional athletes, entertainment industry professionals, corporate executives, successful business owners, medical professionals, legal and accounting professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Working with other TD Specialists, our clients have access to an extensive range of services including:

- Global Asset Allocation and Investment Strategy Consulting
- Comprehensive Performance Reporting
- Investment Manager Selection and Monitoring
- Portfolio Management
- Estate Planning
- Philanthropic Planning
- Life Insurance Analysis
- Debit Structure and Analysis – Bank Financing
- Foundation Management
- Risk Management & Asset Protection Consulting
- Family Counseling/Family Meetings
- Sufficiency and Retirement Planning
- Document Management and Recordkeeping
- Bill Payment Services
- Cross Border Solutions
- Personal Financial Plan and Statement Preparation
- Trustee Service
- Coordination of Professionals
- Cash Management 


Our office has the following characteristics:

Concierge high-touch service: We have high relative average account sizes and low client to employee ratios allowing us to place a great deal of focus and attention on each client family.
Independence: We follow a “service delivery model” and hold ourselves out as an objective provider of advice that places the interests of our clients first. 
Breadth and integration of services: We provide a wide array of services and typically oversee our clients’ entire financial situation.  We hold and protect full information about our client's investments, tax situation, estate plan and family dynamics. With this information, we assist in structuring and administering our clients’ financial universe in an optimal way.
Professionals with diverse skills and deep specialties: Through TD Specialists, our clients have access to a wide array of specialty knowledge on topics such as: income taxation, estate planning, planned giving and portfolio management.
Multi-generational planning: Planning encompasses the family’s goals which typically include passing wealth down to lower generations in a tax-efficient manner. Children and grandchildren are often clients and are counseled on investments, tax and estate planning strategies, and philanthropy. We often coordinate and moderate family meetings.
Outsourcing: We do not provide all services in-house. Investment management is typically outsourced to experienced and proven independent third party portfolio managers. Legal, tax and accounting advice is provided through TD specialists, however implementation services are outsourced.
Focus on taxable investor: For most of our clients the focus is on minimizing taxation as the bulk of our client's assets are subject to long-term capital gains. 


Our clients can benefit from:

- Objective financial advice
- Creative solutions to financial issues 
- Clearinghouse for financial, investment, tax and estate planning ideas
- Cross-fertilization of ideas resulting from solving issues for multiple families
- One asset-based fee 
- Advice from professional team with diverse backgrounds
- Coordination of complimentary advisors
- Proactive advice – a function of low client to employee ratio and frequency of meetings
- Engagement of experienced money managers, custody, insurance, loans, etc.
- Negotiated cost savings with other financial providers (e.g. investment management, custody, trading costs)
- Integration of client’s estate plan, income taxes, investments, philanthropic goals, and family situation


When you engage Cross Family Office, the service you receive is supported by the significant resources of TD Bank Group, with over $800 billion in assets, and a comprehensive range of financial solutions that service TD clients around the world. For more than 155 years, TD has helped generations of clients with their personal, family and business assets in the ways that matter to them. TD offers banking with global reach, with over 2,500 locations across Canada and in the U.S., as well as operations in over 10 other countries.

Cross Family Office is a part of TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. which is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.


Branch Office: (416) 307-6672
Branch Fax: (416) 307-6680

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