Clearview Family Wealth

Our pursuit of excellence is at the heart of everything we do

At Clearview Family Wealth, we bring our deep industry knowledge, extensive expertise and creative solutions to the table, innovating better ways to serve you as your needs and priorities evolve.

We are putting your interests first is more than just something we say, it is the guiding principle behind everything we do. We are never content with the status-quo. That's why we developed our process to ensure that we are constantly innovating to develop wealth solutions tailored to you and your unique needs. Clearview Family Wealth is led by Senior Portfolio Manager Matthew Rodier and Senior Portfolio Manager Michael I. Levine.

Office Address: 1350 René-Lévesque Ouest 9ième étage
Montréal, QC H3G 1T4
Branch Office: (514) 289-8400
Branch Fax: (514) 289-0032

We are driven by a single goal: Provide you with the best wealth management experience possible. Together, we will develop a clear path to your financial future.

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