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Bieber Gebhardt Wealth Advisory Group

Multi-channel wealth advice for every stage of your life


We’re there for our clients.

  • We aim to create a meaningful impact by providing holistic wealth management advice for each stage of your life.
  • Behavioural finance helps us to understand people’s personalities and outlooks so we can tailor services and information to people’s preferences. 
  • We advise business owners, retirees, professionals and millennials. Each relationship is unique; each plan is exciting to map out and execute. Our typical clients have accounts in excess of $750,000.
  • We believe our consistent commitment to communication and contact is unsurpassed.
  • We use omni-channel communications via mobile, tablet, desktop, and phone. 

We care.

  • In today’s fast-paced world, we take the time to slow down and strive to create authentic, individual client connections. 
  • We don’t see our clients as a book of business, but as a collection of valued one-on-one relationships with people we care deeply about. 
  • If clients are feeling jittery, we are committed to be there for them at key moments of their lives. We never forget that so much depends on us providing sound advice.

We manage wealth holistically.

  • We aim to help clients grow the liquid side of their balance sheet and protect it by putting the right risk controls in place. 
  • Our detailed planning helps clients transition their assets into retirement and protect their loved ones.
  • We address many aspects of our clients’ financial and non-financial lives for multi-channel wealth planning. Collaborating closely with TD specialists, we can provide tailored solutions in: 
    • Tax mitigation
    • Retirement planning
    • Estate planning
    • Trust services
    • Business succession planning
    • Insurance solutions, and
    • Strategic philanthropy.
  • We put together a comprehensive plan that can act as a barometer for your current and future needs.
  • We can help you to understand the complexities of the markets and investing so you can understand what we are doing and trust us in times of volatility.
  • We can help mitigate risk. We believe in keeping your life exciting and your investments boring. Our disciplined methodology and proven process help to safeguard your wealth.
  • We provide advice for each stage of your life. We are a multigenerational team serving a multigenerational clientele. We build meaningful relationships with both spouses and your heirs.

Managing many aspects of your wealth

World-class asset managers help us calculate the best investments from a multitude of options. We offer full-service wealth solutions at key life moments, such as:

o   Losing a spouse o   Transitioning or divesting a business
o   Getting married or divorced o   Welcoming children or grandchildren
o   Getting an education o   Buying a home
o   Living your retirement o   Facing a serious illness
o   Inheriting money o   Planning your future.

  • If you are a business owner, we can provide access to TD specialists who can assist you with tax minimization, estate and insurance needs. 
  • Our analytical, proven, pension-style methodology follows a long-term, multi-manager discipline aiming for risk-adjusted returns. 
  • We are transparent about what you own and the fees you pay. 
  • Careful asset allocation and location are essential. We bring you accessibility to all asset classes:
o Stocks o Mutual funds
o Bonds o Options
o ETFs o Alternative investments, and more.

As a Portfolio Manager, Darrell Gebhardt is qualified to offer discretionary investing, which brings you several advantages:

  • Freedom from making daily investment decisions – you can entrust them to our team.
  • Sudden opportunities and risks can be addressed swiftly without waiting for your approval.
  • A customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) based on your objectives, comfort and financial situation sets the guidelines, asset allocation and diversification of your portfolio.
  • You pay one transparent, asset-based fee and no commission per trade.

Learn more about our team members below.


Branch Office: (204) 988-2748
Branch Fax: (204) 988-2757

Bieber Gebhardt Wealth Advisory Group is a part of TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. which is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.

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