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Audrey Kwan

Vice PresidentPortfolio ManagerInvestment Advisor

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Sound investment advice built to help weather all market conditions

My goal is to help you build a life you don't need to take a vacation from.

Welcome to a uniquely personal approach to managing your wealth, founded on a one-to-one connection, approachability, relatability and open conversation. 

Within this personal framework, I can provide disciplined and discretionary portfolio management services and access to complete and integrated wealth planning services. My clients include professionals,  business owners and investors who are planning for retirement.
Let's discover your unique goals and then empower you to enhance your dreams.

Engaging you to understand your wealth personality

You have meaningful goals and I can only help you reach them with customized wealth advice by getting to the core of what matters most to you. I want to discover everything about you, your family and your values – everything that makes up your financial DNA.

Our innovative discovery process will ask some behavioural finance questions so you can know yourself and how you make decisions. A diagnostic tool will take all that information and tell me how you typically behave, how I can work best with you and what steps to take in creating a strategy to manage important things like your retirement, your children’s education, your family cottage – not just your money.

Diversified, integrated investment strategies

I follow guidance from the TD PAIR (Portfolio Advice and Investment Research) team in Toronto, who are dedicated to delivering investment management services, portfolio construction guidance, product analysis, and investment advice. In addition, I follow the tactical asset allocation recommendations from the TD WAAC (Wealth Asset Allocation Committee).

Qualified to provide discretionary portfolio management, I can free you from having to make day-to-day investment decisions.

In collaboration with TD specialists as needed, I can also provide a full spectrum of high net worth planning, which I then integrate into your overall wealth plan. These services may include:
  • Tax and estate planning strategies,
  • Philanthropic strategies, 
  • High net worth planning,
  • Insurance solutions, 
  • Private banking and credit services, and
  • Cross-border services.
My difference is in the details. As a former Asian Banking Manager for RBC and CIBC, I am detail-oriented and consider all the facts before making decisions. Yet, I always keep my eye on the big picture, understanding how complex it can be to have aging parents, growing children, rapid life and physical changes while juggling complicated investment accounts and financial holdings.

I have guided clients through many market fluctuations with the compassion and empathy to truly listen and understand what is most important, especially during periods of transition. I pride myself on the longevity and multi-generational nature of my client relationships.

Planning the retirement of your dreams

To help you live your best life in retirement, I will develop a tailored, comprehensive roadmap to help get you there. Shifting into retirement is a big change that can feel overwhelming. Whether you're preparing to retire or ready to begin, I have access to the strategies and specialists you need. Here is some recommended reading to start the conversation:

Encouraging women to lean in

As one of the few female Portfolio Managers in Calgary, there’s nothing more rewarding to me than encouraging women to join into the wealth conversation and bringing them the right information and advice to make decisions that affect their life goals. I also enjoy empowering women as a community service.

Here are some reading resources I recommend:
Women Investing with TD
TD Bank Investing for Women: Your Story Your Future

Committed to helping you achieve your vision of success

Building net worth:
My innovative strategies can help grow your net worth by identifying which credit strategies and investment solutions match your current lifestyle and needs.
My team can work with you to develop an effective plan to help you make your vision a reality.

Implementing tax-efficient strategies:
Working closely with you and your tax advisors, I'll create an integrated wealth strategy that will structure your investment portfolio to help reduce tax exposure and keep income available as and when you need it.

Protecting what matters:
Life is filled with uncertainty and we deliver advice and solutions to help protect the things you value at every life stage.
Through comprehensive risk strategies and connecting you with a specialist in trusts, estates and other risk mitigation products, I can create a comprehensive plan for you.

Leaving a legacy:
You are the architect of your legacy and I can help you with the blueprint. I'll help you to identify your top priorities, from estate planning and trusts to gifting and philanthropy to help you optimize the transfer of your wealth.
My disciplined wealth approach best serves investors that have in excess of $1 million in investable assets personally or within their business.  

The Ballendine Thakkar Group is a part of TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc., which is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.


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