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Alain Kamel

Portfolio ManagerInvestment Advisor

  • CIM
  • CPA, CA
  • F.Pl.

Working together to help you achieve what truly matters to you

Alain Kamel is an Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager at TD Wealth - Private Investment Advice. Alain helps individuals and families navigate the complexities of managing their wealth by offering them tailored solutions designed to help them meet their specific goals.

Alain works with experienced professionals, both within TD Wealth and externally, to deliver an integrated wealth management approach in order to help his clients Build Their Net Worth, Implement Tax-Efficient Strategies, Protect What Matters and Leave a Legacy. 

After completing a Bachelor’s in Accounting and obtaining his CA designation, Alain learned the fundamentals individuals and business owners need to properly structure their financial affairs so that they may minimize taxes and maximize their net worth.

He migrated into wealth management and obtained his Financial Planner’s (F. Pl.) designation in order to properly advise his clients on their goals of retirement, protecting their family and passing on their wealth. 

He then obtained the CIM designation, allowing him to specialize in high-level investment strategies tailored to his clients.

His dedication to continued professional development is guided by the passion he has to deliver the best advice to his clients in the various facets of wealth management.



Branch Office: (514) 289-8400
Branch Fax: (514) 289-0032


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