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Abraham & Associates Wealth Management Group

Working together to help you achieve what truly matters to you

At Abraham & Associates Wealth Management Group, we work with our clients and in collaboration with TD specialists to formulize and actualize a plan that we feel will best help fulfill individualized financial objectives. The cornerstone of our approach is to prioritize our client's well-being; we believe this can only be achieved forming a proper relationship in which one has total trust in our team. We feel that this comprehensive level of trust is earned, based on the implementation of a superior interpersonal experience equipped with our strong track record. This would subsequently enable us to create a precise understanding of information necessary to properly implement tailored, unbiased investment strategies and solutions. We pride ourselves on providing elite level financial advice, while maintaining a duty of loyalty and care that we believe is unmatched by others.

            Changing with you

Based on our clients' lifestyle and financial goals, we can determine short and long term milestones as well as recommend suitable investment solutions. We constantly review portfolio progress and market conditions to make sure our goals remain on track. A major focus of our group is adhering to the ever-changing lives of our clients by mending wealth plans, goals and strategies in accordance with their evolving needs. We strive to promote a rapport of being readily and easily approachable in order to be at the forefront of assisting with the entirety of one's financial identity. My team thrives in the specialization of high net worth individual, corporate and not for profit organizations/foundations.

            Financial Support System

In every stage of one's wealth cycle - accumulation, preservation, and transition - we endeavor to provide our clients with the investment confidence, support and advice required to lead the lifestyle they desire. This unconditional support will help to bridge the gap between your fiscal goals and reality. Our existence is dependent on the client's success; this motivates us to continue to provide the necessary components to help reach one's subjective idea of what financial success is. We also work in conjunction with a client's entire financial team; including ones accountant and lawyer. We are able to provide service to any individual or organization across Ontario as well as Alberta and British Columbia.

            No Bias Investing with the Perks of a Top Ten North American Bank

It is crucial to recognize that we have zero obligations to outside investment strategy suggestions, we maintain a no bias approach which allows us to ensure we are making appropriate decisions for our client's financial future. In other words we adhere to no vested interests other than the individual success of each client. However, being a part of a major organization allows us to leverage a team of TD specialists at TD Bank Group to provide our clients with relevant and accurate advice on estate planning, banking, credit management, insurance solutions, trust services and charitable giving strategies.

Please call our office or email us today to see if our comprehensive approach to wealth management can work for your family, company, organization or foundation.

Abraham & Associates Wealth Management Group is a part of TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. which is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.


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